A few years ago I decided to become an independent software consultant. It was a good move for me, and I have enjoyed the freedom it provides to work on things beyond what I cut my teeth on professionally.

I don’t mean to say that  those things (mostly Microsoft platform based enterprise development) aren’t still my bread and butter, because they clearly are. More that I would never have had the chance to get paid to work on some of the things I have since going independent.

Interestingly, that experience has shaped how I approach my personal projects now as well. For e.g., almost everything new is written in Node.js instead of my old goto C#.

This has turned out to be a bit more stream of conscious than I intended, but I don’t think I’ll change that. Sometimes it’s nice to just let the words flow out :).

Anyway, the point of this page is to indicate that should you, or your company, need some bespoke software built, that’s what I do. Shoot me an email at consulting@babgvant.com if you want to discuss further. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile for experience and technical qualification.