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  • System Overload Error when Processing Directory (DVRMSTB

    Hey. Just so you know, last night, I ran into a new error when trying to process a directory - which did not happen, to my knowledge, when I used TB; so this is a bug report to all. For this example, I will tell you that my commercial analyzer detection default is through Showanalyzer*. So I...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by pcmix9250 on Fri, Apr 23 2010
  • Re: Cut commercials out of a DVR-MS file and output DVR-MS

    Geoff, Thanks for reading this, and possibly recognizing... as an additional member... the problems I am having. I have a member for a few years, and uh, I am on-top of updates with ComSkip as well as TB. I am not an expert or administrator, however I may be able to help out; most of my few posts are...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by pcmix9250 on Tue, Jan 5 2010
  • Re: Cut commercials out of a DVR-MS file and output DVR-MS

    Dear Babgvant, I have a related question for you. I am using this profile in DVRMSToolbox (for Windows XP MCE)... as I do not completely know how to use Vista, plus I don't wanna upgrade my software to Vista use (after a mess of problems I used to have, after trying to update my software...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by pcmix9250 on Sat, Jan 2 2010
  • Installation, Configuration and FAQs (DVRMSTB

    Hello. I am having an issue or two with my installation and setting up TB for XP MCE. I don't know whether there is going to be an update to this software... but I'm having troubles. I wrote previously a few times about TB-Vista working on XP, and the majority of the features were very cool....
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - XP/MCE (Forum) by pcmix9250 on Mon, Nov 9 2009
  • DTBVideoEditor Error (DVRMSToolbox - feature)

    Dear Babgvant I hope writing this message is addressing a new issue. DVRMSToolbox is great, btw... and it was the first version that actually loaded the DTBVideoEditor, unlike the lack of runnig in However, I am having some trouble with converting. I know how to edit timecodes for improper...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by pcmix9250 on Sat, Oct 24 2009
  • Re: Unable to launch. DVRMSToolbox1108

    Well after trying a number of things I replaced perfc009.dat and perfh009.dat files from the original Windows XP install disk and it resolved my performance counter problem. Thanks! (Unfortunately, I now have the dreaded "Could not initialize MceState" for which I will create a separate post...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - XP/MCE (Forum) by jpslynch on Sat, Oct 24 2009
  • Unable to launch. DVRMSToolbox1108

    I'm trying to install DVRMSToolbox1108 (which I believe is the latest version to be using on MCE 2005 Rollup 2). Everything seems to install properly but I get the following error message. User: HP_Administrator Unable to launch. System.InvalidOperationException: Process performance counter is disabled...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - XP/MCE (Forum) by jpslynch on Sat, Oct 17 2009
  • DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

    This release is the same as the R4 Early Access rev. Version - ConvertVideoFile supports Native A/V container swaps (w/ editing); user must verify that container swap works - ConvertVideoFile supports TS output if SageTV is installed - Added hang detection to underlying converter class - Added...
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Tue, Aug 18 2009
  • DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

    Version - FW logs to a single file per process - ConvertVideoFile uses system clock - ConvertVideoFile can skip commercials (experimental) - ConvertVideoFile supports MPEG if AVIVO is installed - added MetadataWait action to create metadata (i.e. start/end time) based waits, can be used with...
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Fri, May 22 2009
  • Trouble translating dvr-ms to mpeg in XP

    I'm having problems converting a .dvr-ms file to mpeg. It is a large file 14,497,882 KB the file name is Jesse Stone- Thin It was recorded using MCE and a Hauppauge HVR1600 I'm running DVRMSToolbox MCE was set to record 2 minutes before and after...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - XP/MCE (Forum) by ssnascar2 on Sat, Mar 7 2009
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