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  • Re-convert WTV back to MKV

    With Media Center on the death march from Microsoft, I am looking for a way to get all of my WTV DVD rips converted to a more open format. I have been using AutoRipNCompress for the past two years to Rip my DVD collection utilizing MakeMKV and convert to WTV (Uncompressed) profile. I am not an expert...
    Posted to Support (Forum) by njmarchetti on 07-21-2012
  • WTV to MKV (no commercials-SAV1)????

    I've read through a bazillion pages, forums and whatnot. Tried DVMST, MCeBuddy, MC-TVconverter to name a few. I'd like to convert my Win7 (WTV) recordings to commercial-free MKV files. I've tried to convert WTV-DVRMS (that works with DTB), but when I want to cut out the commercials and splice...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by tedbone on 12-24-2011
  • Re: Comskip, Windows7, WTV and H264

    OK, I've attached it. it consists of 4 files, the profile "remuxtool2.dpc" a batchfile that runs VRD "vrd.cmd," "sleep.exe" which is a microsoft resource kit file that makes the batch file wait and a token file "VRDRunning.txt" Create the following folders...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by sheppy99 on 12-15-2011
  • TS to WTV without transcoding?

    Is there an easy way to convert a .ts file to .wtv without decoding and re-encoding the stream? Specifically, I'd like to convert a Hauppauge Colosuss recoding into a .wtv (or .dvr-ms) such that WMC will treat the file like a TV recording. I tried the obvious with todvrms without much luck: C:\Users...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by mikep on 12-08-2011
  • Auto Rip N Compress Conversion Issues

    Hey All, I thought I would start here and see where it takes me. I, like most of you, had been looking for a way to get all my media in one place. I came upon Auto Rip N Compress (Stand Alone) and thought (still do think) that my prayers had been answered. I immediately began ripping all my DVD's...
    Posted to Support (Forum) by Khubo on 11-08-2011
  • Re: WTV - MP4 no commercials (need help)

    First, I installed the avivo package as described. Then, I downloaded the "Convert to DVRMS No" and added the profiles to DVRMST. I've created tweaked profiles, and end up with failed conversions, or the audio is in a low pitch with normal video speed. I am away from my...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by tedbone on 08-23-2011
  • MP4 to MKV to WTV - Problems

    I've got a few MP4s I would like to convert to WTVs. (I think) the easiest way to do this is use MKVMerge to go from MP4 to MKV and then use todvrms to get to WTV. I can do this and I get no errors but I am getting decoder errors in Media Center when I try to play them. The WTV files do play, however...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by Jooced on 01-10-2011
  • Avivo install problem

    Thanks for helping. I successfully cut the commercials using profile: 'cut commercials, convert to mpeg', however the video remained in WTV format and was not converted to mpg. I attempted to download and install the Fun w/Avivo .zip file but don't see the extracted files in the Dtb program...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by dougp on 12-12-2010
  • Re: How about a WTVToolbox?

    I'd like to second that suggestion. I have tried to convert .wtv files to .dvr-ms so that I can use ShowAnalyzer to cut the commercials out but no luck so far, even after sequentially installing the profile (1) & profile (1) updated that were posted here:
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by dougp on 12-11-2010
  • My shows aren't being fully converted

    Hi folks - new poster here and I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a Windows 7 Media Center, and I'm trying to set things up so all of the shows I record are automatically transcoded to work on my Zune (actually, my Windows Phone, but I'm assuming that transcoding to Zune will be fine...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by larrywal on 11-22-2010
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