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  • Simple Solution for Error 1001 Uninstall problem

    I ran into the same Error 1001 problem that many folks have reported when trying to upgrade to It takes some guts, but I just ran Microsoft Fixit from this page: Note you need to logged in as an Administrator. I asks you whether...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by mikep on Thu, Dec 8 2011
  • Installation of dvrmstoolbox1223 - cannot install, errors

    Hi, I have been pulling my hair out for the last two days. Maybe someone can help. I removed DVRMS Toolbox 1222 a few weeks ago as I was having errors with mediacenter crashing. I finally figured the problem and it was not related to dvrmstoolbox. When I went back to reinstall dvrmstoolbox 1222 it kept...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by peterh68 on Sat, Jan 1 2011
  • Re: DVRMST will not uninstall

    During the new install do not select the File Watcher service or Showanalyzer. Also if that doesn't work you'll have to use the MSI clean up which can be found here: or here
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by Jooced on Wed, Dec 8 2010
  • dvrmstoolbox not uninstalling properly

    I uninstalled dvrms from my win7 system, but every time I play a recorded tv show for the first time in WMC I get a popup message that says the commercials file was not found. How can I get rid of this?
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by obuengineer on Fri, Apr 16 2010
  • \public\dvrmstoolbox directory and where are settings kept?

    Hi, When I was having some installation issues, I manually deleted the \public\dvrmstoolbox directory. When I reinstalled version it reported that it successfully installed - but it did not recreate the above directory. Is that normal? Is that directory needed if you do not install ShowAnalyzer...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by diamond204 on Sat, Apr 3 2010
  • Help - Media Player Problem after installation

    I installed DVR-MS toolkit to convert my recordings.I should have read up more about it as I think I shouldn't have installed the extras. I didn't really want it for commercial skipping but I found that there was a big delay when starting playback and it was complaining about not finding a particular...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by Dennis on Sun, Oct 19 2008
  • Re: upgrade from to failing 2869

    Yes I have SP1. I am pretty sure I got all of the old version off. I disabled the UAC, used the line commands from here to removed some of the items including filewatcher. I also removed all the references in the registry. I ran the log file from this link Any help appreciated. Not really interested...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by inkuyo on Wed, Jun 25 2008
  • How to get back to defaults?

    Hello, I had an older version of the toolbox working for a long time, and hadn't touched it (on the theory that if it works I should mess with it.) But your recent .9 with the live skipping got me to try an upgrade. Somehow in the process I've totally borked my install. Here are the steps I was...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by Chris on Thu, Nov 29 2007
  • Re: vista install - latest version

    yes, it will not install. It complains about the .msi file, I get a windows error 2356. I have done the 'manual uninstall' as directed. After a manual install the toolbox gui works fine. I can process a directory perfectly. The commskip function will not work and I get a message with the Vista...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by superdog65 on Thu, Oct 4 2007
  • Commercial Skip fails to run in Media Center

    I get the Commercial Skip failed to run in Media Center and the following errors are logged in the event viewer: Log Name: Application Source: CommercialSkipAddIn Date: 6/22/2007 3:00:15 AM Event ID: 0 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: TV Description: User: HP_Owner...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by taplach on Fri, Jun 22 2007
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