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  • I have a mpeg, now what?

    Yesterday we discussed how to use DTB to make a file into a mpeg, today let's answer Galt's question . This is a much easier process because we've already done the real work, and now it's really just extending the process with a few actions to turn it into a file that MC will see as a...
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Fri, Aug 8 2008
  • Scanning unsupported files for commercials

    Say you have a file that isn’t supported by Comskip or ShowAnalyzer that you’d like to automatically scan for commercials. There are a couple of reasons for this; either the codec isn’t supported or the container isn't (or both). Fortunately the approach to solving both issues is the same. In this...
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Thu, Aug 7 2008
  • how to delete the input file after conversion

    Hi, I have created a new profile to do the following cut out commercials from .dvr-ms convert to mpeg with zune.prx move .mpeg file to d:\videos delete input file (original .dvr-ms file) Everything works exept the last step. Which option do I have to choose, that DTb will delete the .dvr-ms file. Is...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by sebastianilse on Thu, Jul 10 2008
  • ToDvrms -

    Uploaded an updated rev - added m arg optional, write WM/MediaIsMovie tag to output file - added g arg optional, path to a grf file that contains encoder (or other filters) that should be used for the conversion process binary | source
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Mon, May 5 2008
  • ToDvrms

    ToDvrms converts files to dvr-ms. syntax: todvrms.exe developed for mpg/vob, but other formats may work. binary | source
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Sat, May 3 2008
  • ToDvrms Source

    /* ToDvrms - Convert files to dvr-ms Copyright (C) 2008 andy vt This license governs use of the accompanying software. If you use the software, you accept this license. If you do not accept the license, do not use the software. 1. Definitions The terms "reproduce," "reproduction...
    Posted to Misc (FileGallery) by babgvant on Sat, May 3 2008
  • DVRMStoWMVHD - Fixed support for -c option (using -c means the dvr-ms file doesn't need to be spliced pre-conversion) Added -w to set how often status is reported Binary
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Thu, May 1 2008
  • DVRMStoWMVHD - (Public Release)

    Same as Early Access if you've alread installed it. Added -pp to control process priority Added -s, runs wmwriter filter in sync write mode, may cause problems only use if A/V is not in sync Added -pm to control processor affinity Added WMA support Changd DVR-MS status to report % instead...
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Thu, Apr 24 2008
  • DVRMStoWMVHD - Public Release

    Enjoy. Binary | Source | Details Support requests should be posted in the transcoding forum.
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Sun, Apr 6 2008
  • I need a favor; probably from someone at Microsoft

    I'm having some trouble with the WM ASF Writer that's included in Windows Media Format 11. It doesn't accept WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE and the workaround available in the previous version no longer works with the writer throwing a memory error. Fixing (or working around) this issue would greatly...
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Wed, Feb 6 2008
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