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  • Unclear what DVRMSToolBox is doing

    I posted about 3 weeks ago with the topic 'Nothing seems to be happening when I try to convert WTV -> MP4' Here is the log I get when processing fires up: [A1] 2013/08/30 13:28:30.191552 Logs initialized [A2] 2013/08/30 13:28:30.342561 Initializing RTS [A3] 2013/08/30 13:28:31.102604 Initialized...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by davidsc on Thu, Aug 29 2013
  • Nothing seems to be happening when I try to convert WTV -> MP4

    Here is the output: InputFile=E:\Recorded TV\World News Australia_SBS HD_2013_08_08_18_28_00.wtv Processing actions, this may take some time!! Current Affinity: 255 System Mask: 255 Getting MetaData Run Profile = avcaacmp4qs ProcessId = 8376 DvrmsToolbox Version: Wait 0 min from date time in...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by davidsc on Mon, Aug 12 2013
  • File conversion size

    I convert recordings from WTV to MPG and then to AVI using ffmpeg with the Xvid/MP3 Fast - Medium Quality. The conversions seem to work fine but the output sizes of different shows are quite different. I have two shows that are on the same network that are both HD but after converting one show with the...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by AZMango on Wed, May 1 2013
  • Re: DTBVE Conversion to MKV problem

    Thanks for letting me know; hope my donation (though it was small and prob. one-time only for a while) helped ya. If you know how to deal with DTBVE in general, would you mind tellin' me how to fix this error (when tryin' to start a conversion process): "Error in Due Process" after...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by pcmix9250 on Sun, Jan 15 2012
  • Convert WTV to DVR-MS or Anything else. Please help!

    Hi I'm sure this has been addressed previously and I am very experienced pc user however I cannot seem to figure out how to use the DVRMSToolbox to achieve my goal. I have a Vista setup of Media Center with the TV pack installed. All of my recordings are created in WTV format. I want to be able to...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by TeeRod on Mon, Apr 11 2011
  • MP4 to MKV to WTV - Problems

    I've got a few MP4s I would like to convert to WTVs. (I think) the easiest way to do this is use MKVMerge to go from MP4 to MKV and then use todvrms to get to WTV. I can do this and I get no errors but I am getting decoder errors in Media Center when I try to play them. The WTV files do play, however...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by Jooced on Mon, Jan 10 2011
  • Changing the resolution

    I see a lot of log dumps for this issue, but I can't make heads or tails of that... Using DVRMSToolbox, I want to change the resolution of my conversions from 1080 to 480 so they stream faster. I went threw all the settings and changed them to the setting I want, however, the output remains in the...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by lopicma on Wed, Dec 22 2010
  • Converting only half the show

    Upon completion of the conversion so an MKV or AVI is converted to dvr-ms so I can watch my TV shows in Win7 MC it is only giving me the 1st half at most. Sometimes it is only converting the 1st minute or so of it. Why is it not converting the entire episode? I went back to the original source &...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by craig0246 on Mon, Aug 30 2010
  • Re: Win7 Ultimate versus WinVista Ultimate, commercials, and convert from DVR-MS to MKV to DVR-MS

    This is one of the aspects of tools like this that I hate: no real help. I see multiple posts *after* mine with replies. I guess that's to be expected with all the AVS banner ads posted all over the place leading people away from this site. I guess I'll bail on commercial cutting since it doesn't...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by WintelRob on Mon, May 10 2010
  • Re: todvrms.exe wtv to dvr-ms problem

    I don't think you did anything wrong, I have the same problem using ToDVRMS-1014 right now. Weird thing is I tried to use the wtvconverter that comes with Win7 and it output a .dvr-ms with video only, no audio. Now i'm trying what looks to be the only alternative (ToDVRMS) and its creating me...
    Posted to Transcoding (Forum) by codemonkey on Wed, Mar 24 2010
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