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  • Can't install Commercial Skip Add-in for DVRMStoolbox v.

    Sorry for the newbie question. I have been trying to install DVRMStoolbox v. on a Vista Ultimate computer, and it does not seem to be installing the Commercial Skip Add-in. When I am given the options of the things to install, I only have two checkboxes, ShowAnalyzer and the DTB Filewatcher as...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by Mountain on Thu, Nov 26 2009
  • DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

    Version (same as EA7) - Change MP4 muxer to GDCL filter for iPhone/iPod compatibility - Add ExtraData action for adding static context values by type using xml document (<root><data name="ForceStereo" type="bool" value="true"/></root>) - Add WMV...
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Thu, Oct 22 2009
  • Vista Media Center DTB Addin -

    Commercial skip addin for Vista - Settings can be read from Wow6432Node - Include babgVant.DvrmsToolbox.Shared.dll - Include EventLog source creation in msi
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox (FileGallery) by babgvant on Wed, Oct 21 2009
  • Error 2869 when installing DVRMSToolbox1218

    I'm trying to install version 1218 of DVRMSToolbox on a brand new Vista HP x64 machine. I'm running the installer off my D:\ drive and attempting to install the program in another folder on the D:\ drive but I keep getting error code 2869. I've also tried running the installer from a cmd...
    Posted to DVRMSToolbox - Vista/7 (Forum) by Wings on Sun, Sep 6 2009
  • DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

    This release is the same as the R4 Early Access rev. Version - ConvertVideoFile supports Native A/V container swaps (w/ editing); user must verify that container swap works - ConvertVideoFile supports TS output if SageTV is installed - Added hang detection to underlying converter class - Added...
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Tue, Aug 18 2009
  • Information

    I'm curious if you've got any information related to the extended file properties associated with Media files in Windows Vista or Windows 7. I'd like to create a console utility that can copy the Metadata from the DVRMS files that I have to the MPG4 files that I intend to convert them to...
    Posted to Feature Requests (Forum) by jaeckyl on Sat, Jul 11 2009
  • Re: ToDVRMS Bug - .wtv to .dvr-ms

    What is Fiji? I'm not that technical when it comes to this..., but I have the Vista TV-Pack from 2008... which enables more tuners and produces the .wtv file. I was looking for updates at the time, to get rid of the window mode crashing, and I found the TV Pack. It fixed my problems, however it introduced...
    Posted to Transcoding (Forum) by pcmix9250 on Mon, May 25 2009
  • Re: ToDVRMS Bug - .wtv to .dvr-ms

    Dear Babgvant (Community), I tried using the ToDVRMS application, and I got a result for my second file I uploaded to my PC (Exertnal Hard-Drive)* * from a VHS, recorded to .wtv by Media Center. It was another recording of "The Young and the Restless" this time from 2007, and the episode originally...
    Posted to Transcoding (Forum) by pcmix9250 on Sun, May 24 2009
  • EVRSnap -

    Take screen shots usimg the EVR. - added video_ts support UPDATE: Found out that this only works in the debugger, not sure why... until I figure it out only the source will be available. source
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Sun, May 24 2009
  • DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

    Version - FW logs to a single file per process - ConvertVideoFile uses system clock - ConvertVideoFile can skip commercials (experimental) - ConvertVideoFile supports MPEG if AVIVO is installed - added MetadataWait action to create metadata (i.e. start/end time) based waits, can be used with...
    Posted to andy vt's blog (Weblog) by babgvant on Fri, May 22 2009
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