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  • Moneual MonCaso 320 VFD Display interface protocol

    Hi andy, I was reading your review on the case at missing remotes web site, , you mention that the vfd display is a "Multimedia Remote Solution Model MMX Ver. 1.1.1” VFD sourced from VL Systems" and that you were willing to release the...
    Posted to LcdWriter (Forum) by Sandip on Thu, Nov 17 2011
  • LcdWriter, XBMC and Moneual Moncaso 320 lcd vfd

    Hi! is there a way to have a LcdWriter getting the status from XBMC? Perhaps exists and i don't get how to have both working. I have built an htpc around the Moneual Moncaso 320, an Atom Ion based Zotac board and XBMC, really want to get the status from playing et as I have seen works in Sageaccording...
    Posted to LcdWriter (Forum) by dienteperro on Wed, Sep 7 2011
  • Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Hi there, I am using LcdWriter with a Moncaso 320 case running WMC7 (x64) and usually it works flawlessly. Occasionally though, when the HTPC boots up, the LCD/IR unit seems to not respond (remains blank) and an error pops up: "Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" with...
    Posted to LcdWriter (Forum) by mthayr on Sun, Feb 6 2011
  • LCDWriter and Win7 64-bit Problem

    Ok im running x64 of win7 rtm and installed lcd writer with nmediapc L.I.S MCE and tried both the hd***.dll's and only the 32-bit one says it does L.I.S and i think i read that the 32 bit one is the one to use even though its a 64 bit system? I got the 2 drivers working once i installed it with driver...
    Posted to LcdWriter (Forum) by ahdf on Tue, Oct 13 2009
  • What application are supported by LCDwriter?

    I noticed when I run Winamp LcdWriter does not display anything. Is this related to priority or is there specific set of aplication that Lcdwriter only support. BTW ... Awesome product ....I search all over the net and I was going to pull the plug and replace my parallel unit for USB. I am glad I found...
    Posted to LcdWriter (Forum) by rafal on Sat, Aug 25 2007
  • LCDWriter not working on Vista x64?

    Hi, first of all a big thanks for writing LCDWriter! Is it supposed to work on Vista x64 ? I got a Hitachi parallel VFD (Silverstonetek) that worked before on Win MCE 2005. But I never got it running on V x64. Even if I start the LCDWriter GUI it gives an error "object was not instanciated"...
    Posted to LcdWriter (Forum) by Myst on Sat, Jun 2 2007
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