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  • DVRMStoWMVHD - Conversion Hung exiting

    I'm getting the following problem on both machines I've tried: DVRMStoWMVHD Current priority class is 0x4000 Added Source Filter: \\mce_temp\recorded tv\How I Met Your Added AC3Filter to the graph Added MS Mpeg Decoder to the graph Grab DVR-MS audio...
    Posted to Transcoding (Forum) by Ironic77 on Tue, Jan 6 2009
  • What am I doing wrong?

    I created a profile in DVRMSToolbox with the first action being Throttle DVRMStoMPEG and the 2nd being Convert to WMV with DVRMStoWMVHD. I set the ContextFile to InputFile, and the prx to the included WMVHD.prx. However, when I run it, it doesn't seem to do anything. It creates a file of size 0 bytes...
    Posted to Transcoding (Forum) by vander1 on Fri, May 16 2008
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