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DTBVE Conversion to MKV problem

Last post Sun, Jan 15 2012 1:07 AM by pcmix9250. 3 replies.
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  • Thu, Nov 17 2011 4:52 PM

    DTBVE Conversion to MKV problem

    Hey all.

    Been a while since I posted, but I am curious:

    My DVRMS converted file, Titanic either has errors in it, since the CCExtractor 0.59... won't extract past the first cut commerical break, or the alternative option I want to try (before re-watching the film for timecode cuts and edits next time) gives me some guff about something known as a required component called Hallai Muxer, needed to be installed.

    Ok, let me back up a little: I converted my source .wtv recording, to a source file with the .dvr-ms extension... just like I used to in prior times; second, I used DTBVE to find the commercial timecodes needing cut and produced a commercial-free .dvr-ms file of Titanic. (So instead of a 16GB, 4.5 hour "TV recording", I cut it down to a 10.5GB, 185 minute "TV recording").

    Now, because that 185-minute "dvr-ms" recording won't extract the CC data, in the latest version of CCExtractor... yet the source .dvr-ms file will, I'm a little bit puzzled.

    So attempting to fix this problem, I would like to know (before re-viewing the show and placing those time-codes again) where and how to find this "Haali Muxer" add-in, to fully enable the features of DTBVE. These features in DTBVE could prove easy and useful for me (e.g. splitting files, extracting CC, and video conversion)... so it'd be my first choice to pursue an MKV conversion in VE, for my future files.

    My questions for this post require some sort of advice; I only just began discovering the power and benefits of the MKV format: Quality and Compression equivalent to MPEG-4 video, and with a little more exploration, the CCs could be used as Caption data in my AVCHD disc (from Nero 10+ Platinum) output.

    What are answers to these questions/scenarios:

    1. I cannot seem to resolve the error message in the DTB Video Editor, in order to pursue an extraction and conversion to MKV within the application. This may be my preferred method for handling .wtv/.dvr-ms source files.

    2. I am curious if I need to start with a .wtv source file extension, and not a .dvr-ms file before working on it; if .wtv is the way to go, what would I need to find/install to support .wtv files' edits

    3. Are there known bugs in version and/or CCExtractor 0.59+, which you may be aware of (and I am not), requiring a revert to, the associated DTB Add-in file and/or CCExtractor 0.58 as a solution.

    If none of those solutions work, please suggest how I should go about this process in-general.

    I am just trying to author, maybe convert these to output to disc. I may stick with SD discs in AVC encoded (720x480) WS, files... or maybe the Basic HD (1280x720) WS res.; it's my personal choice. All I care about is a DVD disc of my recordings, with some high quality, yet compressed files before burning, WS res. and CC data (as either "English subtitle" style or equivalent display).

    That's all I'm after. I know how to prepare these captions, convert the video, author & burn the discs, etc. I just need some basic instructions to these minor problems. Hey, even MKV files are new to me so far... (I literally just found out about this file, through a Best Buy Geek Squad agent's suggestion).

    Okay, I know that's alot of info, but I hope it provides enough details for now.

    My system is Win 7. Ult. (32-bit), 4 GB memory, and Pentium 4 proc. (I know my system needs upgrading soon for speed and performance...).

    Thank-You for reading this,

    Gregory K

  • Tue, Dec 20 2011 10:11 PM In reply to

    Convert w DTBVE (DVRMSTB

    Hey all.

    Since this last post, I have updated to the newest version of TB.

    Really simple question to all you guys who are experts with this program:

    1. How do I configure DTBVE to recognize codecs' settings? (e.g. Change the default Gabset or open-source codec for MPEG-PS/TS in the application, to recognize my codecs through AMD Codecs or FFDShow)
    2. Where can I find this download for Haali Muxer, for the Editor to convert to MKV... or in the case of MPEG files, AVIVO codecs? (even though it's called AMD Media Package or something like that)

    Where I'm at regarding your application, is using DTBVE to mark commercial timecodes, then saving the data. I'm unsure if MP4 can hold subtitle data (from CC or extracted SRT files from that data (CCExtractor).

    Where I want to be, is using the DTBVE program as an all-in-one, simple timecode editor and transcoding to whatever format within the utility (as you can extract CC data, and create a video file from the cut list... if this configuration ever works for me). All I need to do are those few steps, then author the file to an AVC-HD DVD (through Nero or Corel video suites).

    I do not work well with premium features and horizontal displays, as shown in those heavy-memory applications and their ad-grabbers. I find your tool extremely easy to use, so please let me know how to change settings and codecs in VE, and I'll take it from there.

    P.S. Anyone know what file container I should convert to - using MPEG-4/H.264 codecs and AC-3 audio (Dolby Surround 5.1) audio settings... with possible support for subtitle data (e.g. from the extracted CC)?

    If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. I know my video bitrates for my output file by heart: no more than 2 MBps video (hopefully with MPEG-4 or AVC codecs), and around 384-448 KBps audio. Feedback would be much appreciated, and thanks Babgvant for such a cool tool (if configured correctly from your knowledge and assistance, I won't need Nero or Corel to be installed most likely later on.)

    Gregory K

  • Mon, Jan 9 2012 2:32 PM In reply to

    • cfsmp3
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    Re: DTBVE Conversion to MKV problem


    3. Are there known bugs in version and/or CCExtractor 0.59+, which you may be aware of (and I am not), requiring a revert to, the associated DTB Add-in file and/or CCExtractor 0.58 as a solution.


     Yes, there's a bug in CCExtractor 0.59. Fixed for 0.60 which will be out soon.


  • Sun, Jan 15 2012 1:07 AM In reply to

    Re: DTBVE Conversion to MKV problem

    Thanks for letting me know; hope my donation (though it was small and prob. one-time only for a while) helped ya.

    If you know how to deal with DTBVE in general, would you mind tellin' me how to fix this error (when tryin' to start a conversion process): "Error in Due Process" after clicking convert?

    P.S. I'm using DTB, since the day after it was released (like 1-7 days after my original post here)... so I'm updating my information seldomly on these posts, but whoever replies, know I'd appreciate a solution suggestion.

    I know my way around DTBVE, and can only specify timecodes in it, until this Error in Due Process message goes away. But I now know that when I can convert, I'll stick with MKV files extension... and I'll love it when someone tells me how to resolve this stupid error (I installed the updated codecs for it)... plus for exact timecodes, the program couldn't be better! I only hope someone will resolve this, and I can use the CCExtractor and Conversion functions within... this is a cool and very easy to use, program altogether.



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