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  • Wed, Sep 14 2011 5:58 AM

    Latest Information

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    Hello All,

    I have developed a media center addin for remote potato.  This allows you to access your guide from a remote pc.  The benefit of this is you can have one central recording box and view the guide and scheduled recordings on other pc's.  It's a step towards softsled.

    Currently the following things are supported:
    -View guide from remote pc (all channels or favorites)
    -View recordings from remote pc
    -Schedule recordings or series (either by clicking record on the slide deck or clicking record on the grid item)
    -Slide deck showing the details of each item in the guide
    -Skip forward and backwards by 12 hours using the skip key
    -Number entry
    -Launch live tv for a current item if the pc is setup for that channel
    -Manage favorites
    -Series settings
    -Selectable number or grid rows/columns
    -Widescreen and fullscreen support
    -Scheduled recordings page
    -Search page

    Things to come:
    -Channel focus showing next few programs in lower banner
    -Manage series
    -Additional guide page settings (colored tiles)
    -Other recordings slide deck page

    -Ability to sync recordings from multiple remote potato servers and allow choice when recording

    Possible things to come:
    -Option to override guide button

    Known bugs:
    -Extensibility host crashes once you run out of guide listings completely (14 days ish)

    Download link - Current version 1.0.3:

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  • Wed, Sep 14 2011 5:58 AM In reply to

    Re: Latest Information

    Version 1.0.3 posted

    Search Page
    -Adds new search page including all search options availiable via remote potato

    Recordings Page
    -Fixed some icon cutoff issues
    -Fixed an issue where the word today wouldn't appear
    -Page now updates automatically when changes are made

    -Busy(Hourglass) will now appear to let you know the application is working on something

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  • Sun, Oct 2 2011 9:38 AM In reply to

    Re: Latest Information

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    Version 1.0.4 posted

    Guide Page
    -Adds the ability to select from multiple recorder sources
    -Improvements to the look of the focus image
    -Change wording for Remote Potato credit

    Slide Deck
    -Allows you to select from multiple recorder sources
    -Added other showings slide deck (please note this functionality is not working correctly just yet)
    -Adds description of which remote potato server the recording is on

    Recordings page
    -Pulls recordings from all configured servers

    -Adds setting to apply colored background to guide items based on the program type
    -You will no longer be prompted about savings settings if you did not make any changes when you hit cancel or back
    -Adds the ability to setup multiple remote potato connections (You do this by separating each server by a ";")

    This version adds the ability to select from multiple recorder sources.  To enable this you need to add a second server to the login settings page as described above.  The secondary server (or third, or fourth, etc) must use the same port and login settings (for now).  Once you've done this my addin will pull recordings from each of the servers and prompt which server to record things on.  The first server in the list is considered the main server, meaning the listings and channels that show up are pulled from that server and recordings are pulled from all.  If you only have one server setup you should not see any changes, except the addition of the host name on the bottom of the slide deck.

  • Sun, Oct 2 2011 10:06 AM In reply to

    Re: Latest Information

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    Wow this is AWESOME! I can't wait to try this. Thanks for adding those features!
  • Sun, Oct 2 2011 12:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Latest Information

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    Version 1.0.5 posted

    -Logging improved
    -Record bug fixed

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