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CCExtractor (CMD/GUI) Functionality on Windows 7

Last post Thu, Sep 23 2010 8:59 PM by pcmix9250. 0 replies.
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  • Thu, Sep 23 2010 8:59 PM

    CCExtractor (CMD/GUI) Functionality on Windows 7

    Hey all,

    So I downloaded this sweet little tool called CCExtractor (both cmdpmt & GUI files), which is the only tool that provides decoding support for .dvr-ms files, along with super-fast decoding, and has a visual interface for me to play with.

    Originally, when I downloaded it, I installed it on my former Windows XP OS' before I did a clean install for Windows 7. I also converted my WTV files to .dvr-ms using the built-in convertor... and when it was ready to decode, the GUI interface wouldn't recognize the drag & drop function of the GUI app, making it impossible to decode the data.

    Since then, I downgraded my O.S. to Windows Vista (now with SP2) Ult. (x86/32-bit)... I only have one license for the Vista O.S., so a choice was made... and the program functions as normal in Vista. Now, I'm running into an even bigger problem that I can't seem to fix or patch up with Windows Vista Media Center: It won't download the guide data at all (some stupid code 13 message every time)!

    So now, I'm facing the possibility of re-upgrading to Windows 7... because of the speed improvements and functional Media Center (DVR) operations. My question is, will the GUI and/or plug-in function? My specs are a little different now: I would be upgrading from Vista (SP2 & .NET 3.5 SP1), instead of a clean install.

    I've gone without recording all this week cause of Vista issues I was unaware of, but I can't have this decoder not work again (I'm a slow typist, plus needing the captions in general).

    Anybody know if this app will work... (I read somewhere that someone said it is faster on 7, than on previous O.S.'s)?

    It appears that it may be too long between version updates and releases, and I have no luck with the guide in VMC.


    Gregory K

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