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New Sage server suggestions?

Last post Thu, Mar 4 2010 7:11 PM by onlydarksets. 3 replies.
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  • Mon, Mar 1 2010 1:40 PM

    New Sage server suggestions?

    My HDHomerun died, and I need to get a replacement. For less than the out-of-warranty cost to replace the HDHR ($90 with shipping), I can get an AverMedia DUET ($65 with shipping), which a couple of folks recommend highly.  I bought the HDHR in April 2007, and the only reason I did was that it was the only clear-QAM option for WMC at the time (using the BDA wrapper).  3 years later, I don't use WMC, and, even if I did, lots of clear-QAM tuners support it. 

    Fact is, it's a PITA to maintain, and it adds a layer for potential recording errors (i.e., the network).  However, I don't have an extra PCI-E slot for a tuner, so I'm looking at upgrading the Sage server, and I need some advice.

    Here are my requirements:

    • General purpose: Sage server, recording clear-QAM and analog cable.  Commercial scanning of ~25 shows per week and conversion of 10-15 shows per week.  It needs to act as a Sage client for a LCD via DVI, with ATSC and ripped Blu-ray playback.  Various other, non-media services, but nothing heavy-duty.
    • CASE: Basement server, so I don't care what it looks like or how loud it is. I have an ATX case for the current Sage server, which I'd love to reuse to save a couple of bucks (
    • PSU: Storage is external via Rosewill, so minimal PSU needs - again, I'd like to use what I have.
    • MB: I'm CPU agnostic, so anything goes, but I'm leaning toward Intel, mostly because I understand the upgrade path a little better.  What I need:
      • eSATA with port multiplier (not sure if this even exists)
      • 2-3 PCI-E slots
      • Integrated GPU w/ DVI and HDMI outputs
      • Integrated audio
    • CPU: Dual core minimum, quad core if possible, but at least an upgrade path to quad core
    • RAM: 4GB
    • OS: Win7 32-bit (already own it)

    I'm doing this on a pretty tight budget, so if I can reuse the case/PSU and just get CPU/MB/RAM, I'd like to keep it under $400.  Is that possible?


  • Tue, Mar 2 2010 6:29 AM In reply to

    • babgvant
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    Re: New Sage server suggestions?

    AMD has a better history of upgradability, but I usually find that it's better to replace the board and CPU at the same time (had some trouble with this even though everything was "compatible" in the past).  I'm not sure if Thuban will be an AM3 part either, so you may want to check that out before making any decisions.

    You can get a quad proc for ~$100 from AMD, but the Clarkdale (4 threads) family is very competitve with the higher end of last generation's quad parts (AMD x9950 and Intel Q6600) so it might be a wash in real performance v. AMD low end quad today.  Clarkdale parts are also very power efficient, esp v. the 95W AMD quads.  One drawback w/ Intel's current approach is that you can't get an IGP w/ a real quad part, the IGP is 2 cores only.

    Board selection is still pretty tight w/ the Clardale family in Full ATX.  Only 2 are reasonably priced, and the one with the best feature set is an ASRock.

  • Thu, Mar 4 2010 7:03 PM In reply to

    Re: New Sage server suggestions?

    Thanks! After too much research, I realize I need cores more than I need speed (I comskip all shows in real time), so I think I'm going to go AMD. The Athlon II X4 hits the price/performance sweet spot.

    For MB, I'm looking at one of these two:,N82E16813128395&srchInDesc=785&page=1&bop=And

    I'll post it up to Sage forums to see if anyone has any thoughts.

  • Thu, Mar 4 2010 7:11 PM In reply to

    Re: New Sage server suggestions?

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