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dvrmstowmvhd.exe (Basic Question)

Last post Fri, Dec 19 2008 2:42 PM by pcmix9250. 4 replies.
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  • Sun, Dec 14 2008 8:47 PM

    dvrmstowmvhd.exe (Basic Question)


    It's me again. I just wanted to let you guys know since my last post, I've gained a little more knowledge about how to set-up some actions in DVRMSToolbox, and DVRMSTOWMVHD, but I'm stilled a little stumped; I may have written something a little more vague before - related to this.

    So basically, I'm trying to test out a couple files first, before I do my whole collection. Good thing too, cause it gave me a different error and still won't work.

    In DVRMSTB, I set up a custom profile with the updated Comskip, thanks to, and it works much better, to include a better detection. I have downloaded AC3 filter and codecs to make sure I have the tools; I have the VCM-1 already, so I think everything works.

    In additions, I set up the last action to try to convert the cut file (from comskip results), to last, convert the file with DVRMStoWMV.exe included as a last action in the profile, since I understand it to accept almost any format including DVRMS. At first it say key was null, so I included a file setting to "cutfile", and tried again. This time, the last time, it started to convert, but cut off at 0:01 time-wise... and the application did not give me a single error.

    The way I know this, is that I looked for my file and it was less that 280 KB and 1 second long. What's up with this? Is it my version of DVRMStoWMV or is it the file, or is it that I can't add the action to the DVRMSTB application?

    Please tell me soon: My file is an episode of Law & Order, recorded on 12-12-2008, called "Harvest". That is the only test file I have, not already cut from previous versions, and what I'd like to use first.

    It is a regular TV show, from the new TNT, as of like this week (the channel's update). I have not yet tried the same profile with the older recordings, so I can't say for sure if I will get the same result. The size is something like 720x480, and it's a regular 60 minute show in .dvr-ms format.

    Please let me know what the problem might be. I don't have a description detailed other than what I've written, and I'm sorry.

    Again, haven't tried it outside of Toolbox, cause of convience and its ability to be recognized in Toolbox. So what's going on with this? By the way, I have the DVRMStoWMV.exe in a folder on my desktop. And as far as I know, the recordings are either NTSC or ATSC so far.


    Gregory K

  • Mon, Dec 15 2008 7:20 PM In reply to

    • babgvant
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    Re: dvrmstowmvhd.exe (Basic Question)

    you'll need to run it outside of DTB so I can see what it's outputing.  the cmdline dtb uses is reflected in the log file, so you should be able to c/p that into a cmd window.
  • Wed, Dec 17 2008 6:51 PM In reply to

    Re: dvrmstowmvhd.exe (Basic Question)

    Thanks for replying.

    I'm starting to see what to do. I have another issue... and although I am trying to figure this entering information out, I don't seem to know how. I'm not used to using Command Prompt since windows first began... before Windows 3.1 (and I'm only 23); since then, I've pretty much relied on Windows programs and images (.exe).

    Anyways, I'm hardly a developer, just wanting to get my processes done. I tried entering the syntax, and it would either say Syntax incorrect or File Specific Not Found. So before I frusterate myself more, please give me an example as to how to enter this in Command Prompt - to get this going. I think it might work this time, I just need to know how to talk to the computer (which obviously is not English).

    So here's what I'm trying to do:

    I have Wildcats (I:\Recorded TV\, and I'm trying to convert it to a Windows Media (HD) file, named something like "Wildcats (TBSP - Old, Archived VHS); TV-14 L" (C:\Users\Gregory Kemmis\Videos\Wildcats (TBSP - Old, Archived VHS); TV-14 L.wmv).

    First, I don't know how to c/p and speak code with this to command prompt, so I don't know how to avoid the file missing or saying it's not found; I also don't know if it will keep the same size of 720x480 (or if it will convert to WS 720x480 or HD - 1240x720) or what to do... cause I know I can't mess with the size, or it might cut off the screen. Last, I don't know if this can transfer the CC over to "Lyrics" for my WMV file.

    Anyways, can you start out by telling me how to enter the information to the computer, and we'll talk from there?...

    Just try to give me an example to my file of what to type in Command Prompt, or give me a specific example of another file's current input. I just need a specific example, cause even if I am or am not understanding this system's settings at first, I think I will soon.

    If you know of a reason after this wouldn't work and recognize, let me know. Also, the last thing I must mention is that I want my output file to have the AC3 audio, I have configured, or similar (.mp3 if better), and this is an Analog NTSC tape originally... before the DTV standards were put in place.

    Also tell me what the code would be for Cable/DTV standard would be, and not the new ones... the ones that are the opposite of analog.

    Much appreciated, thanks

    Gregory K

    * P.S. The reason I'm trying this, is because most players/converters, do not recognize .dvr-ms as a video format... and therefore do not convert by themselves.

  • Thu, Dec 18 2008 6:12 AM In reply to

    • babgvant
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    Re: dvrmstowmvhd.exe (Basic Question)

     you can't save ac3 in a wmv file.  this tool was designed to work around that issue, by converting multichannel audio to multichannel wmapro.

    go to the folder that dvrmstowmvhd is located (cd \folder from the cmd prompt):


    dvrmstowmvhd.exe -i "I:\Recorded TV\" -o "C:\Users\Gregory Kemmis\Videos\Wildcats (TBSP - Old, Archived VHS); TV-14 L.wmv"

     that's the simiplest way to use the tool, it will create a conversion profile based on the media types contained in the file.  if it has ac3 audio, you will want to make sure that ac3filter is installed and configured correctly.

  • Fri, Dec 19 2008 2:42 PM In reply to

    Re: dvrmstowmvhd.exe (Basic Question)


    Thanks for the help. I finally got it going under command prompt; although I spend at least 40 minutes (I swear) trying to figure out how to type it in... because I kept getting alot of syntax incorrect errors.

    Just for the record to avoid this in the future, tell me the key - in a brief description (or a link) as to how to type this in. Finally, I was able to do something like dvrmstowmvhd.exe -i "I:\recorded tv\" -o "C:\Users\Gregory Kemmis\Wildcats (TBSP - Old, Archived VHS); TV-14 L.wmv", although I've done so much typing and confusion between a path directory, and how to type in everything with the pd with the file name! It told me at first to use < >, then I didn't figure out how to (un)-capitalize the directories, then I also couldn't tell where to put the spaces and quotes.

    I finally got something to run, and is in the process. I'll reply to this if more problems, but if I have another headache, making me feel like giving up for now (and let the conversion work), I hope you can explain better how to.

    I could be that bright too, technically... but I'm sure that it would be nice, as I have to read everything (and do) at the same time at least 2 or 3x.

    Also, this is a major test file for now, so tell me if this AC3 filter properties, requires any special codecs or instructions for ouputting Dolby Sound/DTS as stated on AC3 properties.

    And last as a response, this is an analog file... unlike most recordings. So I don't know if that is considered NTSC, and if I'm understanding this right, the digital is ATSC... just wanna know to see if this works with all of my Digital (2007 or later) and Analog (2006 or earlier... mostly in tapes) recordings. If this does work, also, I'll let you know... but I'm just having some last questions.

    As for now, all I can do is wait and recover. I'm assuming CC will be saved/extracted to my ouput, I hope.

    Thanks for the responses, please reply again.


    Gregory K

    * P.S. Let me know of a public release date for the next version!

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