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zip SageDCT - 2.6.0 (x64)

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Date Added: Tue, Nov 1 2011

UPDATE 06/13/15

In their latest firmware release SiliconDust changed the name of the PRIME DCT so for SageDCT to be able to find it you will need to run this reg file. 

UPDATED 10/05/12

WARNING SageDCT should be considered beta. 

NOTE: Many people have reported issues with SageDCT when they disable the Windows Firewall.  Please make sure you have it enabled before seeking assistance if something doesn't work.

SageDCT is a SageTV network encoder for DRI enabled Digital Cable Tuners (DCT).  It will only work with Copy Freely content.  Currently, only the Ceton InfiniTV 4 with 51+ (currently in beta) firmware will work.  Other tuners will be added as they become available.

Thanks to Mikinho for technical assistance and for the RTP.NET library (

If SageDCT will be writing to a network location (UNC) you will need to change the service credentials to a user with network access.  The service installs as SYSTEM.

Network Encoder configuration is handled via the included application.  Use the "Discovery" tab in ConfigureSageDCT to find tuners and generate a file that contains text to copy into the file.

Logs are written to %ProgramData%\SageDCT\, if you encounter an issue please capture a verbose log (service needs to be restarted to detect the change) and send it to me.

After adding the network encoders, you must add a lineup.  Go to the config screen for the device and select the right lineup for your cable provider.  Note that channel scanning and preview will not work.

Known Issues:

1) The video stream in some files is not recognized in SageTV V7 (skip this step if running 7.1+).  Download these files to fix it:

2) SA and Comskip have trouble with some files.  

3) Make sure the drivers/firmware are up to date for the DCT.

4) SageDCT does not work with ATI DCTs.



- Initial release


- Add Test tab to config utility
- Add Data Recieve debug logging
- Usability enhancements in config utility
- Channel preview support
- Threading bug fixed (thanks Mikinho)


- Bugfixes
- Change UPnP library
- Set starting RTP port to 5010.  If binding issues are noted in the logs, check that this value is > 5004.


- Add UPnP Device caching for brief time periods (DeviceLifeSpan, time in seconds to cache)
- Try UPnP actions again if the first time fails, force the cached device to recycle if this happens


- Fix a bug writing program number to packet indicator
- Double default RTP Buffer
- Try to recover from tuner disappearance
- Significant changes to UPnP Device caching


- Add support for SiliconDust HDHR Prime & Hauppauge OpenCable Receiver DCT devices

- Staticly assign discovered tuners to specific ports
- Fix a bug in encoder generation
- Change installer to work with XP+

- Add button to reset (delete) tuner assignments
- Use tuner assignments on test tab
- Fix a bug with encoder generation when not generating all of the encoders again

- Don't make firewall changes on unsupported OS versions

- Add UI enhancments to make managing static assignments easier
- Add feature to disable an assignment
- Add feature to change network encoder port per assignment
- Change to add support back for HDHR PRIME

- Fix a bug where tuners were not enabled by default
- Add channel scanning support (experimental)

- Add option for PBDA base DCT recording (experimental) requires AVIVO MPEG muxer specific to the PC's platform to be installed
- Refactored capture support to enable different (i.e. non-UPnP based) methods for interacting with the DCT
- Installer no longer starts SageDCT service
- Change RTP setup sequence to fix a potential race condition on some DCT
- Add option to delay RTP Play command if more time is required to setup RTP sequence
- Add x64 version (PDBA capture is platform specific)

- Additional PBDA Capture logging
- Add shortcut to Start menu from x64 installer

- Add more PBDA Capture logging

- More logging
- Potential workaround for missing sink

- Standby support for PBDA capture

- Add a check for discovered v. assigned tuners
- encode_digital_tv_as_program_stream setting is set according to recording preference
- encoder generation page displays a more descriptive name for tuners
- PBDA capture method will check for a successful recording using file size before returning

- Better object cleanup
- Better error handling during PBDA capture cleanup
- Log skipped duplicate channels
- UPnP capture method will check for a successful recording using file size before returning 

- Recycle PBDA Tuner when the tuner fails after a configurable number of times (default is 2)
- Delay graph building for a configurable period (default is 30 seconds)

- Better PBDA tuner state management
- Add option to recycle tuner (PBDA only) on stop

- Fix some bugs around detecting a failed initial tune
- Add async writing option (WriteAsync, DWORD) for RTP/UPnP capture

- Explict RTP session cleanup (thanks Mark)
- Add option to monitor (log) process statistics

- Add option to use VLC for RTP capture/file writing. Files created with this method will not have the special 'QAM' packet written to the front, but it will suppport MPEG-TS or MPEG-PS muxing by VLC based on the file extension requested by SageTV

- Internal tweaks  (should fix issues introduced in 2.3.0)

- Fix a bug where the current file path wasn't set when using VLC

- Change how presentation URL is obtained for compatibility with upcoming HDHR FW release


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