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zip SageDCT - 2.6.0 (x64)

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Date Added: 11-01-2011

UPDATED 10/05/12

WARNING SageDCT should be considered beta. 

NOTE: Many people have reported issues with SageDCT when they disable the Windows Firewall.  Please make sure you have it enabled before seeking assistance if something doesn't work.

SageDCT is a SageTV network encoder for DRI enabled Digital Cable Tuners (DCT).  It will only work with Copy Freely content.  Currently, only the Ceton InfiniTV 4 with 51+ (currently in beta) firmware will work.  Other tuners will be added as they become available.

Thanks to Mikinho for technical assistance and for the RTP.NET library (

If SageDCT will be writing to a network location (UNC) you will need to change the service credentials to a user with network access.  The service installs as SYSTEM.

Network Encoder configuration is handled via the included application.  Use the "Discovery" tab in ConfigureSageDCT to find tuners and generate a file that contains text to copy into the file.

Logs are written to %ProgramData%\SageDCT\, if you encounter an issue please capture a verbose log (service needs to be restarted to detect the change) and send it to me.

After adding the network encoders, you must add a lineup.  Go to the config screen for the device and select the right lineup for your cable provider.  Note that channel scanning and preview will not work.

Known Issues:

1) The video stream in some files is not recognized in SageTV V7 (skip this step if running 7.1+).  Download these files to fix it:

2) SA and Comskip have trouble with some files.  

3) Make sure the drivers/firmware are up to date for the DCT.

4) SageDCT does not work with ATI DCTs.



- Initial release


- Add Test tab to config utility
- Add Data Recieve debug logging
- Usability enhancements in config utility
- Channel preview support
- Threading bug fixed (thanks Mikinho)


- Bugfixes
- Change UPnP library
- Set starting RTP port to 5010.  If binding issues are noted in the logs, check that this value is > 5004.


- Add UPnP Device caching for brief time periods (DeviceLifeSpan, time in seconds to cache)
- Try UPnP actions again if the first time fails, force the cached device to recycle if this happens


- Fix a bug writing program number to packet indicator
- Double default RTP Buffer
- Try to recover from tuner disappearance
- Significant changes to UPnP Device caching


- Add support for SiliconDust HDHR Prime & Hauppauge OpenCable Receiver DCT devices

- Staticly assign discovered tuners to specific ports
- Fix a bug in encoder generation
- Change installer to work with XP+

- Add button to reset (delete) tuner assignments
- Use tuner assignments on test tab
- Fix a bug with encoder generation when not generating all of the encoders again

- Don't make firewall changes on unsupported OS versions

- Add UI enhancments to make managing static assignments easier
- Add feature to disable an assignment
- Add feature to change network encoder port per assignment
- Change to add support back for HDHR PRIME

- Fix a bug where tuners were not enabled by default
- Add channel scanning support (experimental)

- Add option for PBDA base DCT recording (experimental) requires AVIVO MPEG muxer specific to the PC's platform to be installed
- Refactored capture support to enable different (i.e. non-UPnP based) methods for interacting with the DCT
- Installer no longer starts SageDCT service
- Change RTP setup sequence to fix a potential race condition on some DCT
- Add option to delay RTP Play command if more time is required to setup RTP sequence
- Add x64 version (PDBA capture is platform specific)

- Additional PBDA Capture logging
- Add shortcut to Start menu from x64 installer

- Add more PBDA Capture logging

- More logging
- Potential workaround for missing sink

- Standby support for PBDA capture

- Add a check for discovered v. assigned tuners
- encode_digital_tv_as_program_stream setting is set according to recording preference
- encoder generation page displays a more descriptive name for tuners
- PBDA capture method will check for a successful recording using file size before returning

- Better object cleanup
- Better error handling during PBDA capture cleanup
- Log skipped duplicate channels
- UPnP capture method will check for a successful recording using file size before returning 

- Recycle PBDA Tuner when the tuner fails after a configurable number of times (default is 2)
- Delay graph building for a configurable period (default is 30 seconds)

- Better PBDA tuner state management
- Add option to recycle tuner (PBDA only) on stop

- Fix some bugs around detecting a failed initial tune
- Add async writing option (WriteAsync, DWORD) for RTP/UPnP capture

- Explict RTP session cleanup (thanks Mark)
- Add option to monitor (log) process statistics

- Add option to use VLC for RTP capture/file writing. Files created with this method will not have the special 'QAM' packet written to the front, but it will suppport MPEG-TS or MPEG-PS muxing by VLC based on the file extension requested by SageTV

- Internal tweaks  (should fix issues introduced in 2.3.0)

- Fix a bug where the current file path wasn't set when using VLC

- Change how presentation URL is obtained for compatibility with upcoming HDHR FW release


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