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Date Added: Thu, May 20 2010

UPDATED 2/07/11

SageTV V7 adds a feature that allows plugins to run as part of the graph creation process.  The zip file includes two plugins that can be placed in %ProgramFils%\SageTV\SageTV\GraphPlugin" to assist in the graph building and enhance playback.

SGPConfig.exe - Configuration application (screen shots below)

ChangeRefreshRate.dll - changes the refresh rate based on the FPS of the file as playback begins using a user defined FPS->Refresh Rate map.  It can also set the speaker config (stereo, 5.1, 7.1) based on the content playing.


GraphTweaker.dll - Adds and blocks filters based on container and codec.  It can also disable composition (Aero) during playback.  In most cases it's best to set the filter in Sage to "Default" for any codecs that will be overridden with this plugin.

Both plugins use MediaInfo.dll so it must be copied as well.

main.reg - an example of how the tool can be used to load filters by container/codec.


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