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SageTVLauncher - A tray application that launches SageTV
Copyright (C) 2010 andy vt

SageTVLauncher runs in the backgroup and listens for WM_INPUT messages from the eHome (Media Center) Remote.

It will launch SageTV (or any configured application) when "The Green Button" is pressed.  It also listens for other eHome action buttons (like Music, Recorded TV, Live TV, etc) and will navigate to those experiences in SageTV after starting it.  SageTVLauncher is also able to detect the presence of ehtray.exe, terminating it if found.  It will also monitor for the creation of the process and terminate it whenever it is found.

While very similar to SageTvTray, it works in a very different way.  Because it deals with WM_INPUT messages instead of integrating directly with the device, it should work with a broader set of remotes.  It also supports a much more flexible usage (as well as having more capability); it should be possible to have the application launch any application.

Run SageTVLauncher.exe -c to configure

- added WOL Mac: if present a WOL packet will be sent
- added launch delay: how long to wait before launching the configured exe (useful if you need to give your Sage server time to wake up)
- fixed a launching bug

- Option to use Sage Webserver to delay (or not) launch; launch delay must be > 0
- Added MaxWait in seconds, used when web server option is enabled.  Set to 0 to wait forever.
- Option to check mapped drives, and reconnect them if they are not connected (will not work when alternate credentials are used).  Launch delay must be > 0.
- Application selector added to settings form to make it easier to setup
- Arguments can be passed to launch exe

- Drive remapping happens on a background thread
- x64 compatibiliy
- Better way of putting Sage on top after launch
- Focusing Sage is optional
- Check button for registry key path

- Simulate a mouse click on the screen to ensure that Sage takes full screen focus

- Allow positioning of mouse click
- Option to map a key to close the topmost window if process name matches
- Option to map a key to reset the display (turn it off/on)
- IsoBrowser application
- Only mouse click is used to bring launched application to top

- can launch media player for a drive w/o launching the iso first

- define Iso Mount cmd, .iso is taken on 7

- Allow for key modifiers (Control, Alt, Shift) for commands

- Add launch only mode

- "DVD Menu" key launches Windows Media Center
- Disable key handling when "Watched Processes" are on top
- IsoBrowser will unmount ISO when media player closes

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