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Date Added: Wed, Jan 21 2009

FWChannelProxy is a SageTV channel tuning pluggin that wraps calls to timmoore's channel.dll for changing channels on the STB via firewire.

Note, that this package doesn't include the drivers necessary to make the STB device work over firewire.  I used this driver package, to get the device installed.

Installation steps:

  1. Shut down SageTV (service and client)
  2. Extract the dlls to the SageTV Common folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\SageTV\Common)
  3. Copy Channel.dll from the driver package to the SageTV Common folder
  4. Rename FWChannelProxy#.dll (the included file is FWChannelProxy2.dll because that's what works on my system) where # is the device number obtained by running channel.exe -v (the panel device)
  5. If changing an existing tuner, open the file and find the entry for the tuning_pluggin and change it to the path to  FWChannelProxy#.dll
  6. Create copies of FWChannelProxy#.dll and rename as appropriate for multi-tuner systems.
  7. Start the Sage service
  8. Try to change a channel


  1. Stop the service
  2. Create a file called  FWChannelProxy#.log in the Common folder (e.g. FWChannelProxy2.log)
  3. Restart the service, open the client and change the channel
  4. The dll will log it's actions, create a thread in the Sage Tools forum with the log.

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