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zip RecordingBroker 1.0.1 - Vista

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Date Added: Tue, Mar 27 2007

New in this release:

  • Test functionality will poll configured brokers
  • Broker Everything option

RecordingBroker is an application that detects recording conflicts and submits recording requests to other brokers configured in the application.  

The solution is contains two applications, RecordingBroker.exe and RecordingBrokerService.exe.  After installation Run RecordingBroker.exe and click Save to write the settings to the registry, then start the service from the Service MMC.

RecordingBroker.exe is the settings tool, use it to add brokers and configure how the service behaves. 

Port - the the port the server binds to
Poll Time - how often, in seconds, WMC is polled for conflicts
Secret - because this application could theoretically be used across firewalls (if you wanted to create a relationship with a friend's WMC); this secret is used to hash a portion of the request to verify that the other broker is trusted.  This must be set to the same value on all brokers.
Connection Timeout - how long the broker will wait for a server to respond before failing
Broker Everything - Try to broker all local recordings
Other Brokers - is a list of all the brokers that this machine has a relationship with; to add a broker enter the hostname (or dns name) of the other machine in "New Broker" and click Add.

Settings must be "Save"d before exiting.  After saving settings, restart the service to have them take effect.

RecordingBrokerService.exe is a windows service that acts as a tcp server so other brokers can communicate with that machine, and also polls WMC for recording conflicts so it can send requests to other brokers.

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