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UseShare is a Windows service configured to run with Network Service Credentials which maps shares with NET USE. After installing browse to the directory where it was installed and open useshare.exe.config...
Tue, Sep 25 2007 2,022 Download
DSSnap - Grab a jpg of a media file at a specified time. The class uses the SampleGrabber and Color Converter DMO to grab a bitmap from a dvrms file. Usage: DSSnap.exe sourcepath positioninseconds outpath...
Mon, Mar 31 2008 2,827 Download
File Size 347.8kB
A simple application that Invokes DVR2WMV.
Tue, Oct 24 2006 1,793 Download
File Size 8.5kB
Thu, Oct 19 2006 3,710 Download
As of build r9976 ffmpeg now natively supports full DVR-MS. As a result you can use any compile of ffmpeg that you wish (as long as its r9976 or greater). I’m providing this build of ffmpeg as a...
Wed, Jul 25 2007 14,335 Download
File Size 2.5MB
This version of ffmpeg has been created specifically to read DVR-MS files and convert the audio to other formats (like mp3). It will not detect the Video. Example command lines are: MP3: "ffmpeg_audio_only"...
Mon, Apr 9 2007 1,643 Download
File Size 2.5MB
This version of ffmpeg was created specifically to read DVR-MS files and MUX them into MPG containers. Please only use the command line below for this purpose. Other ffmpeg switches may not work at this...
Wed, Apr 11 2007 4,929 Download
File Size 2.2MB
FixDVRMSDuration.exe creates a new dvr-ms file based on an existing one. The intended purpose is to create a new file that doesn't have the incorrect duration problem by streaming the content from...
Thu, Oct 18 2007 2,034 Download
Lame Mp3 DirectShow filter
Thu, Oct 19 2006 2,253 Download
This is a special build of Mencoder/MPlayer with DVR-MS support built for Dtb. If you used Version 11 of Mencoder and modified the profiles, please backup your profile and check the Mencoder.mht doc because...
Thu, Apr 26 2007 32,274 Download
File Size 3.9MB
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