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Date Added: Tue, Jan 19 2010

- change "sage/home" to "sage/Home" in web server testing URL
- add OR logic to Processing Conditions
- MigrateMetadata uses DvrmsMetadataEditor to write metadata to WTV files
- add WriteMetadataXml action
- Change AtomicParsley action to accept context values
- Use WMV writer for retrieving status when writing WMV files
- add CalculateMaxScanTime action, used to calculate number of minutes used to limit the commercial analyzer
- Read MC recorded tv and watched folders differently, may fix incorrect values read on x64 systems
- Updated version of todvrms.exe
- Download SA v1 (to the desktop) instead of SA beta
- Fix a bug in MigrateMetadata with WMV files
- Native/Native stream copies no longer remove DS clock (should fix A/V sync issues when swapping containers)
- VideoConvertor supports framerate conversion
- Fix a bug in ChangeContextValue
- add logging to FW startup (watched dir, etc)
- Resize/crop filters should maintain proper AR when converting
- Iphone profile forces framerate to 30fps
- Added framerate control to DTBVideoEditor
- VideoConverter delete output file if it exists before transcoding
- Fix file truncation when MKV is used as the target container
- Update to todvrms
- Include and register customized MPC-HC MKV source filter
- Add "Convert VOB to WTV" profile (thanks oaktech)

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