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AnitPack is an installer for DirectShow filters (codecs) that I use (and in some cases have modified to use) on my PC. See here for more details
Sun, Aug 2 2009 13,010 Download
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
Tue, Feb 13 2007 8,248 Download
File Size 38.4kB
ResChange is a simple application to change the resolution/refresh rate output by the GPU. It can work in command line or system tray mode. When running in system tray mode it can change the resolution...
Thu, Jan 6 2011 3,679 Download
File Size 16.4kB
StandbyHelper is a simple system tray application that provides sleep based operations on the PC. Features: Close applications (entered in the "Standby" column) on standby Optionally launch applications...
Mon, Mar 22 2010 2,180 Download
File Size 18.3kB
A simple system tray application that logs standby/resume events and runs "powercfg /lastwake" when the PC resumes.
Sun, Nov 15 2009 1,884 Download
Windows 2003 SMTP OnMessageSubmission sink that converts inbound message attachments from wav to mp3. Extract to files to a folder, Install.bat will register the assemblies in COM, register the event sink...
Thu, Nov 2 2006 1,808 Download
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EVRPlay - A simple media player which plays using the Enhanced Video Renderer Copyright...
Mon, Nov 24 2008 1,579 Download
Version of the VC-1 decoder found in the Intel MediaSDK customized to work with VC-1 in MKV or M2TS split with the MPC-HC mpeg splitter.
Fri, Jan 8 2010 1,416 Download
File Size 58.4kB
RunTsMuxer is a simple UI application that automates the process of running tsMuxeR against all of the files of a specific type in a specific folder to convert them to m2ts (e.g. mkv). Note that you will...
Thu, Jan 8 2009 1,211 Download
File Size 7.5kB
ArcSoftAudioWrap is a DirectShow filter that wraps the ArcSoft Audio Decoder HD (not included) but allows the output to be set to something besides 2 channel stereo. If you want S/PDIF output just regsvr32...
Mon, Apr 13 2009 1,183 Download
File Size 51.8kB
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