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I've been working on adding support for Denon networked AVR to HTREMOTE for a few weeks now and I think it's really close to being ready for a public beta. If you have a Windows Phone (7.1/8/8.1) and either an Onkyo or Denon AVR you can join. Just send your Microsoft Account (aka Live ID) email address to and let me know what kind of phone you have. 

For those who aren't familar with what HTREMOTE is I've included the description and some screenshots from the store and the 1.8 change log below. It is a bit underwhelming considering how much effort went into abstracting the AVR interface to make it work :).

HTREMOTE is a remote for Ethernet enabled Denon & Onkyo / Integra audio video receivers (AVR), connected HDMI CEC and IP devices (Roku, Dune HD, TiVo and PC right now; others can be added on request). Supports selection macros and Live Tiles per input. Currently only the main zone is supported.

- Don't auto-discover when the app loads
- Denon AVR support
- TiVo support
- Fix issues with multi-device support



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