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QSTranscode -
- Language filtering for files that contain it
- Copy metadata for audio tracks when not transcoding if it exists in the source stream
- Set language for audio tracks when transcoding if it exists in the source stream
- Support seeking to an initial start point before transcoding via ss argument
- Add rmvol argument to control rematrix volume when changing formats
- Add aasync argument to control SWR "async" setting
- Fix DVD language track selection
- Resolve ISO 639-1 to ISO 639-2 language codes
- lang arg now only works with ISO 639-2 codes
- Examine all the VOB in a VIDEO_TS title to make a better guess about framerate
- Include "ffmpeg.exe" shell app to convert ffmpeg args to QSTranscode args

Published Nov 22 2013, 09:49 AM by babgvant
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