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  • QSTranscode -
    - Support creation of IIS Smooth Streaming output. Use -o pathtoutput.ismv to signal the behavior (note this feature removes the ability to create whole .ismv files). The target folder must not exist (FFmpeg will create it) and the files will be created there. For e.g. -o f:\temp\out\something.ismv will output the IIS Smooth Streaming in f:\temp\out.
    - Set mfxBitstream DecodeTimeStamp instead of TimeStamp with generated video timestamp
    - Add live555 integration for RTP/RTSP streaming. Pass the desired URL via -o. RTP requires the destination IP and port (e.g. rtp:// Port should be even. RTSP requires IP and port (e.g. rtsp://, but only port is used because the machine's IP is automatically discovered. Path can be passed optionally (e.g. rtsp://


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