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DTB R2 + DTB Addin R2 EA

- Add support for LAV Video decoder (forces DI and HWA decode, if available, during transcoding)
- Fix a bug in codec detection when incomplete video stream informations is present
- Fix a bug where JRSidecar xml files are deleted by the FW cleanup process
- Incorporate updated TVDB scrapper action
- Stop registering OOTB filters globally
- Transition to "Known Filters" registration scheme, loader will fall back on global lookups (normal DS) in some cases
- Bundle LAV and Haali filters with DTB in unregistered state
- Remove outdated applications from installer. Now available via separate download.
- Fix a memory leak in the FW when multiple update events are fired in rapid succession.
- Better support for EDL files when not using SageTV
- Better support for storing artifacts with TV files

- Add support for Mi Casa Verde Vera HA scene execution

- Installs on W8 (untested)
- Add automatic edl -> xml conversion
- Disable key handling when Info dialog is triggered
- Mi Casa Verde Vera Scene triggering based on events/experiences



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