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  • Zmodo Security DVR JPEG Server - Obtuse OEM, but the price was right.

    I recently picked up a Zmodo security DVR system off of Woot, and while it works a well as I could expect given the camera quality and price point. Unfortunately since it doesn't support my HA system or Windows Phone (both reasonable deficiencies) OOTB it was more novel toy than useful tool. It's not my style to accept these sorts of things so I contacted Zmodo and offered to write tools to make it work in both scenarios then asked nicely for the specifics on how to interact with the device. Let's just say that didn't go as planned.

    Frankly, this kind of shortsighted behavior from hardware OEMs baffles me. They make their money from hardware sales, giving away the software clients to make it useful enough for end-users to get the value proposition. When someone offers to make your platform more valuable, for free, the correct response is not to tell them to shove off (even politely). Ultimately, all this does is slow down the motivated, making it more expensive (in time) to get it working.

    I know this is rambling, but as the title foreshadowed it got done - just took longer than it should have.

    ZmodoServer is a Widows service that connects on-demand to the mobile h.264 stream exposed by the DVR creates a JPEG (or MJPEG) exposed via HTTP. By default it is setup to work with LAV Video (not included) but any H.264 decoder that accepts MEDIASUBTYPE_H264 and exposes MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB24 or MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB32 should work (I use ArcSoft's).


  • Have an Onkyo Remote with Ethernet and a Windows Phone?

    Generally there's nothing to get too excited about when it comes to HT gear and apps, but Onkyo AVRs are different because they can also act as an IP-to-CEC bridge (so you can theoretically control any CEC connected device through the AVR). I'm working on an app that does just that, as well as the normal app-like functions. If you're interested in beta testing please let me know.

  • Vera Control - Mi Casa Verde Windows Phone Control Application

    I've recently gotten into home automation (HA), so much so that it's become an integral part of how we manage most of the lights and security at my house. I wrote a full review of the HA controller (a Mi Casa Verde VeraLite) over at Missing Remote, but I forgot to post here that I also wrote a Windows Phone application (Vera Control) to interact with it.

    Some screenshots are included below:


  • DTB R2 + DTB Addin R2 EA

    - Add support for LAV Video decoder (forces DI and HWA decode, if available, during transcoding)
    - Fix a bug in codec detection when incomplete video stream informations is present
    - Fix a bug where JRSidecar xml files are deleted by the FW cleanup process
    - Incorporate updated TVDB scrapper action
    - Stop registering OOTB filters globally
    - Transition to "Known Filters" registration scheme, loader will fall back on global lookups (normal DS) in some cases
    - Bundle LAV and Haali filters with DTB in unregistered state
    - Remove outdated applications from installer. Now available via separate download.
    - Fix a memory leak in the FW when multiple update events are fired in rapid succession.
    - Better support for EDL files when not using SageTV
    - Better support for storing artifacts with TV files

    - Add support for Mi Casa Verde Vera HA scene execution

    - Installs on W8 (untested)
    - Add automatic edl -> xml conversion
    - Disable key handling when Info dialog is triggered
    - Mi Casa Verde Vera Scene triggering based on events/experiences


  • SageDCT - 2.6.0

    - Change how presentation URL is obtained for compatibility with upcoming HDHR FW release

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