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  • Quiet Around Here

    It's been a long time since I've posted anything that wasn't an update to some utility up here; mostly because I've been able to get my random out on Twitter, but also because just haven't made the time.  Twitter's a limiting medium, so it's not suitable all of the time.  I've been meaning to write up some things, but haven't found the will to really organize my thoughts into something coherent so I must offer fair warning :)

    1. Moving to Florida: change is hard (doesn't mean it's not good).  There's a lot to like about Chicago (food, culture, diversity, convenience, urban-ness) and it will be fun living somewhere else (for a while at least) but it's going to be very different.  A couple years back I finally got my house into the perfect HT state (surround sound, cat 6, OTA antenna), so moving to a different place where all that needs to be redone will suck.  Probably going to rent for a while too, so there will be many compromises.  Clearly a "white whine", but it's going to annoy me until I can get it all perfect again.  That said, we're going because we want to; hobbies shouldn't hold you back.
    2. SageTV: uncertainty sucks.  I want to believe that good things will come from Google's acquisition, and I'm sure they will for the general population; but I don't see it benefiting me or other enthusiasts.  The lack of Google sized profits in our niche isn't encouraging, there are fringe scenarios where the products continues to evolved in a palatable direction but there's only so long that I can ignore my inner statistician. 
    3. Copy-Once: Cox needs to get with the program.  Having used a four tuner DCT for a few months now, it's going to HURT going back to a single HDPVR if the cable co where we're going doesn't use Copy-Freely (most likely Cox Cable, which doesn't).  
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