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February 2011 - Posts

  • SageDCT - 1.1


    - Add Test tab to config utility
    - Add Data Recieve debug logging
    - Usability enhancements in config utility
    - Channel preview support
    - Threading bug fixed (thanks Mikinho)


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  • SageTV Graph Plugins - Update

    Posted a new rev of the SageTV Graph Plugins.  Couple changes, main one is matching the speaker configuration based on content.


  • SageDCT - Public Release

    SageDCT is a SageTV network encoder for DRI enabled Digital Cable Tuners (DCT).  It will only work with Copy Freely content.  Currently, only the Ceton InfiniTV 4 with 51+ (currently in beta) firmware will work.  Other tuners will be added as they become available.

    Thanks to Mikinho for technical assistance, for the RTP.NET library (, and Open Software Projects for the UPnP library (

    If SageDCT will be writing to a network location (UNC) you will need to change the service credentials to a user with network access.  The service installs as SYSTEM.

    Network Encoder configuration is handled via the included application.  Use the "Discovery" tab in ConfigureSageDCT to generate the entries necessary.

    Logs are written to %ProgramData%\SageDCT\, if you encounter an issue please capture a verbose log (service needs to be restarted to detect the change) and send it to me.

    Known Issues:

    1) The video stream in some files is not recognized in SageTV.  Download these files to fix it:

    2) SA and Comskip have trouble with some files.

    - Initial release


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