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August 2010 - Posts

  • DVRMSToolbox + DTBAddin Public Release

    I'd meant to publish these last weekend, but with the site down that wasn't possible.  They are the same bits as the R4 Early Access.  Enjoy.


    - DTBVideoEditor respects PVR preference when reading/writing commercial segments
    - Fix a bug in VideoConvertor where non-digital recordings can't be converted
    - Change VideoConvertor to allow files with MPEG1 audio to convert to WMV
    - Update MPC-HC filters
    - Remove ConvertWithFfdshow and ConvertToMatroska actions
    - Update ToDVRMS to
    - Add Convert for Ipad profile (same as Iphone but with larger target size)
    - Change Convert for (Iphone|Ipad|Zune) to continue when commercial detection fails
    - Add action name to configure dialog
    - Fix bug in MigrateMetadataToContext where checking "CreateNewContext" doesn't create a new context value
    - Ensure FileConverter derived classes run on a MTA thread
    - Add FileOperationWait action - will keep retrying a file operation until it works
    - Add RescanSageMediaLibrary action - triggers media library rescan (requires Sage web server)
    - Compatiblity with DTBAddin (R4)
    - Add RunEac3To action


    - Bug fixes
    - Add resolution change feature - configred in DTB settings tool (DTB required)
    - Add resolution change prompt
    - Fix full screen detection
    - Fix prompting even when target resolution = current resolution
    - Add file bookmarking (works for RecordedTV now)
    - Add option to write bookmarks when they change
    - Add ignore from end option for bookmarks

  • Finally Back Online

    If you're reading this then you've probably noticed that the site's finally back up.  My previous host did something to the database server that made it go away - it came back this morning so I took a full backup (the last one I had on hand was from May) and finished the migration to a new/better host.

    My contract with the previous host doesn't end for another month, so if you notice anything funky (like files that are missing) please let me know and I'll go looking.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.  Enjoy.

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