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June 2010 - Posts

  • Early Access Release: DVRMSToolbox & DTBAddin

    Early Access

    DTB Version
    - DTBVideoEditor respects PVR preference when reading/writing commercial segments
    - Fix a bug in VideoConvertor where non-digital recordings can't be converted
    - Change VideoConvertor to allow files with MPEG1 audio to convert to WMV
    - Update MPC-HC filters
    - Remove ConvertWithFfdshow and ConvertToMatroska actions
    - Update ToDVRMS to
    - Add Convert for Ipad profile (same as Iphone but with larger target size)
    - Change Convert for (Iphone|Ipad|Zune) to continue when commercial detection fails
    - Add action name to configure dialog
    - Fix bug in MigrateMetadataToContext where checking "CreateNewContext" doesn't create a new context value
    - Ensure FileConverter derived classes run on a MTA thread
    - Add FileOperationWait action - will keep retrying a file operation until it works
    - Add RescanSageMediaLibrary action - triggers media library rescan (requires Sage web server)

    - Bug fixes
    - Add resolution change feature - configred in DTB settings tool ( required)

    DTB | DTBAddin

  • I'm on the HTPCentric Podcast

    I had a great time joining in on the HTPCentric hardware discussion.  We spent a lot of time on GPUs and why deinterlacing performance is really important, but there should be something for everyone if you're interested in building a HTPC.


    HTPCentric Podcast

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  • Updated LcdWriter

    I posted an updated version of LcdWriter a couple days ago.  The main difference is that it supports the VFD and remote in Moneual's MonCaso 320 HTPC case (also works with the remote in the 312), but there were some architectual changes as well.

    • LcdWriterService is no longer required for displays that aren't HD44780 based (the service can't be used with the 320/312 and provide remote support).
    • Display implementation reorgainzation.  So if you're a previous user make sure you choose the right DLL.
    Posted Jun 17 2010, 08:49 AM by babgvant with no comments
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