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  • SVN and VS2008

    The source for DTB and most of the OSS projects maintained on this site has been migrated to  I'm hoping that this will make it easier for other to contribute to the project and make the code easier to work with.

    I will be building DTB off the same SVN snapshot as everyone else, so it should make the "why can't I build it" issues go away (the projects will remain BYOS[NK] though).

    Because that was a PITA, I figure why not push all the projects to VS2008 at the same time.  Hopefully everything will still work :)

  • DVRMSToolbox - Early Access Release (R2)

    This is Early Access software.

    - change "sage/home" to "sage/Home" in web server testing URL
    - add OR logic to Processing Conditions
    - MigrateMetadata uses DvrmsMetadataEditor to write metadata to WTV files
    - add WriteMetadataXml action
    - Change AtomicParsley action to accept context values
    - Use WMV writer for retrieving status when writing WMV files
    - add CalculateMaxScanTime action, used to calculate number of minutes used to limit the commercial analyzer
    - Read MC recorded tv and watched folders differently, may fix incorrect values read on x64 systems
    - Updated version of todvrms.exe
    - Download SA v1 (to the desktop) instead of SA beta
    - Fix a bug in MigrateMetadata with WMV files

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