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DVRMSToolbox - Public Release

Version (same as EA7)

- Change MP4 muxer to GDCL filter for iPhone/iPod compatibility
- Add ExtraData action for adding static context values by type using xml document (<root><data name="ForceStereo" type="bool" value="true"/></root>)
- Add WMV to supported output types from ConvertVideoFile and DTBVideoEditor.  Default prx is cbrZune (supports AC3 btw), to use a different PRX in ConvertVideoFile ExtraData must be used with <root><data name="PrxPath" value="prxfile.prx"/></root>
- Add "Convert For Zune (no commercials)" and "Convert for iPhone (no commercials)" profiles
- PC support > < testing with numeric and string values
- Add FWThrottle action to profiles created with DTBVideoEditor
- Add AtomicParsely action, and AtomicParsely.exe
- Refine status/completion for convertors
- Fix a bug where an audio decoder is specified for a native audio format copy in VideoConvertor
- VideoConvertor will prefer to use DSCutter with uncompressed samples
- VideoConvertor replaces "MPC - Mpeg Splitter (Gabest)" with "MPC - Mpeg Source (Gabest)" as a preferred filter; if original behavior is desired use the CLISD instead
- DTB will assume all SSL certs are valid when retrieving metadata
- Fix filter connection issue using DSCutter with SBE file types
- Update todvrms to
- Add AttributeEnable and AVC1toH264 filters
- ConvertVideoFile and DTBVideoEditor will calc resize value based on frame height/width when either is set to 0
- PC support = != testing of numeric text values as numbers
- DVRMSToolbox.exe returns codes on termination (thanks ChrisRichner)
- Fixed a bug in ConvertVideoFile when removing spans from SBE files
- AtomicParsley action supports cascading metadata items using attribute1;attribute2 syntax in the value node
- Set 32BIT+ in MencoderProper.exe
- Fix a bunch of bugs w/ converting WTV files
- Disable the graph's clock when doing a container swap in VideoConverter
- Fix a bug in ExtraData action when "type" was not specified
- Fix some container/codec validation bugs in DTBVideoEditor

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pointlisse said:

Andy -- Great job on the release! Looks good.

October 24, 2009 7:07 AM

babgvant said:


October 25, 2009 4:07 PM

Converting MKV to WTV with the latest DVRMSToolbox said:

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October 28, 2009 6:31 AM

Converting MKV to WTV with the latest DVRMSToolbox | Win7Media said:

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November 2, 2009 10:03 PM
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