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DVRMSToolbox - Early Access Release (R3)

[Early Access]

UPDATED: I included the wrong version of the aac encoder filter which caused a registration issue during install.  The problem has been fixed in a new installer.

- ConvertVideoFile supports Native A/V container swaps (w/ editing); user must verify that container swap works
- ConvertVideoFile supports TS output if SageTV is installed
- Added hang detection to underlying converter class
- Added ExtractCC action (uses ccextractor - included in package) dumps SRT subtitles
- ConvertVideoFile will mux SRT subtitles into MKV if ExtractCC is used in profile
- ConvertVideoFile file editing much more robust, works with compressed and uncompressed samples (i.e. transcoding is not required)
- Use MediaInfo.dll for non-SBE file types media metadata
- Setting to disable adding media type information to metadata
- Updated version of mencoder
- Updated Comskip to 80.023
- Added DTBVideoEditor GUI application (UI for VideoConvertor, convertor used by ConvertVideoFile)
- Included "MPC - Audio Decoder Filter (babgvant)"; customized audio decoder from MPC-HC project
- Included "MPC - Mpeg Splitter (Gabest)"; MPEG-PS/TS splitter from MPC-HC project (MERIT modified)
- Included "MPC - MPEG-2 Video Decoder (Gabest)"; MPEG video decoder from MPC-HC project (MERIT modified)
- Included "MPC - SubtitleSource (S_TEXT/UTF8)"; SRT source filter from MPC-HC project
- Included "MPC - Video decoder (babgvant)"; customized video decoder from MPC-HC
- ConvertVideoFile supports source filters in preferred filter list
- Exe assemblies are complied as x86 applications (no more x64 rev)
- ConvertVideoFile will write show metadata to MKV files
- Removed reboot requirement from installer
- ConvertVideoFile supports writing audio/video only files (i.e. converting to mp3/aac); user must validate container (DTBVideoEditor enforces simple rules)
- Include MencoderProper application
- DSCutter caches media type changes and passes them downstream on the next allowed sample
- Add workaround in MPC - Audio Decoder Filter (babgvant) for multi-channel AAC where channel information isn't set in the negotiated media type
- ConvertVideoFile supports SBE files
- Media type dection supports SBE files
- Add media info dialog to DTBVideoEditor
- Add ConvertVideoFile profile creation option to DTBVideoEditor
- Add more error handling and path testing to FW
- Recreate FW Service & Installer class (potential fix for 2869 issues?)
- Create profile button in DTBVideoEditor adds FindCommercials and ExtractCC actions if corresponding options are selected
- "Modify File Permissions" is now checked by default

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