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  • SageTVLauncher

    SageTVLauncher runs in the backgroup and listens for WM_INPUT messages from the eHome (Media Center) Remote.

    It will launch SageTV (or any configured application) when "The Green Button" is pressed.  It also listens for other eHome action buttons (like Music, Recorded TV, Live TV, etc) and will navigate to those experiences in SageTV after starting it.  SageTVLauncher is also able to detect the precence of ehtray.exe, terminating it if found.  It will also monitor for the creation of the process and terminate it whenever it is found.

    While very similar to SageTvTray, it works in a very different way.  Because it deals with WM_INPUT messages instead of integrating directly with the device, it should work with a broader set of remotes.  It also supports a much more flexible usage (as well as having more capability); it should be possible to have the application launch any application.

    Run SageTVLauncher.exe -c to configure

    bin | source

  • 7MC gets my vote

    In case you missed it, Charlie Owen posted some really slick screen shots (and even slicker SDK enhancements) of the Win7 version of Media Center today.  As sick as the new music experience is, my personal favorite is the details screen.  I really wish I'd been able to make it out to PDC and see it up close (and get a copy of the bits).  Can't wait for the beta to start; hopefully we can put Fiji behind us.

    Also, Ian's asking what we should be calling the new version of Media Center; vote early...


    Posted Oct 28 2008, 07:14 PM by babgvant with 2 comment(s)
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  • ToDvrms -
    - files can be viewed as they convert if both processes are run as an admin (disable UAC)
    - experimental -> wtv conversion
    - read sage xml files to create dvr-ms metadata

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  • EVRPlay -

    - fixed a keyhandling issue when the progress bar was displayed
    - "info" button triggers actions dialog

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  • Regret

    Crap, I just bought a DG45ID for my "extender". 
    Posted Oct 26 2008, 08:16 AM by babgvant with no comments
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  • EVRPlay -


    - disable screen saver during playback
    - fixed some full screen mode issues
    - fixed an issue when selecting "Maximize"
    - reworked status bar and web browser display
    - added zoom
    - hanndle "Watch (Streamed)" and "Watch (Local File)"
    - stop dialog
    - actions dialog

    bin | source

    Props to whoever can name the the movie.

  • DVRMSToolbox - EA Release 3

    New Early Access rev of  This should be the last one before public release unless there's a major issue.

    - Fixed proppage.dll registration crashing dvrmstompegsettings on x64
    - Added MceState registration check when launching dvrmstompegsettings, should address mcestate not registering properly on x64
    - AutoZoom should apply only once per file
    - folder processor driven off of watched types
    - Prevent standby will prevent standby (instead of just asking for it)
    - Fixed a file path selection bug in the settings tool
    - Cleanup process will cleanup orphaned "Cleanup Ext" in the watched folders

    x86 | x64

  • New SageMC looks good

    I have a confession; for the last month or so I've been using the default STV in Sage.  It took some getting used to, but I was seduced by all the flexibility, options and simple navigation.  But a new version of SageMC just came out and it's looking really slick (been missing the mini-guide and video categories too), I going to have to give it a whirl.
    Posted Oct 18 2008, 04:45 PM by babgvant with 2 comment(s)
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  • AnyDVD + HD PVR = BSOD

    I installed AnyDVD this morning on my HTPC and was immediately greated with a BSOD after rebooting.  Nothing would bring it back (system restore, uninstalling anydvd).  I finally reinstalled Vista and started adding stuff to the mix, as soon as the drivers for the HD-PVR were added, BSOD.  I could system restore the HD-PVR drivers away and get back in, but a system restore to before AnyDVD was installed still didn't let the HD-PVR play on the box.  Guess sneakernet will have to do.
  • AnyDVD Alternatives?

    Are there any alternatives to AnyDVD for freeing BR content?  I don't need the real time AACS removal, just a way to avoid sneakernet. 

    So far the only one I've found is DVDFabHD, but they've stopped claiming full support (it's a unsupported bonus feature now).  I was hoping to find something in the $50-$70 range; AnyDVD is around $110 with the HD option, but if they're the only real contender the premium makes sense.

  • Catalyst 8.10 v. PowerDVD 7.3

    After installing Catalyst 8.10, PowerDVD wouldn't play HD-DVD or BR content.  I have an ancient version installed (damn you Cyberlink) so that could be it, but I'm not motivated to find out.

    Going back to 8.9 made everything right again.

  • EVRPlay -

    - added single instance mode
    - overscan setting
    - builtin sage webserver browsing
    - Enter no longer toggles full screen mode, use 0 instead

    bin | source

  • Adding to the list

    Last night I upgraded the CPU in my HTPC, everything was going well until the second time I went into the bios to update the settings.  Suddenly nothing worked, thinking that too much (or too little) thermal grease on the HSF causing the PC to lock up, I disconnected everything and redid the HSF install.  This time when it booted I was stuck at the post screen; after banging on the delete key a few times and contemplating violence, I noticed that green light that is supposed to flash when typing wasn't.  The keyboard's batteries had died.

  • EVRPlay -


    Uploaded an updated version of EVRPlay.

    - added basic pls support (Sage Webserver)
    - added settings form
    - added replace paths functionality
    - added video_ts support

    - added file history
    - fixed interface cleanup issue

    bin | source

  • EVRPlay -

    Uploaded an updated version of EVRPlay.

    - added basic pls support (Sage Webserver)
    - added settings form
    - added replace paths functionality
    - added video_ts support

    bin | source

    A free* copy to anyone who can name the video ;)



    * You can have a copy even if you can't guess the video.

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