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WMPRemote Update

Updated the capabilities of WMPRemote, the PPC client is now built for WM5 and is orientation aware (portrait/landscape). It also supports playlist management, where individual songs can be selected (vs. only albums in the previous build).  The capabilities of the PC and PPC control applications are identical but now the look is slightly different as some functionality was moved to the softkeys on the WM5 platform.

WMP Remote is based [loosely] on the sample application written by Matt Ivers.  This solution interacts with Windows Media Player, instead of Window Media Center.  The client application search for albums by title, artist or genre and control playback on the remote machine.

This solution is made up of three applications:

WMPServer.exe: a system tray based application which acts as a tcp server to interact with Windows Media Player. 

WMP Remote (PC): PC based remote control application, play albums, build playlists

WMP Remote (PPC): WM5 based remote control application, play albums, build playlists





Windows Update Center » WMPRemote Update said:

December 23, 2007 6:15 PM
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