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  • Vista is kicking my SAF

    • I can't get S3 to work; the PC always hibernates instead, and it takes forever to come back up.  Not to bad, just change the suspend mode to S1 in BIOS and we're happy.
    • Stability problems; BSOD (one) random reboots (several).  I reinstalled Vista tonight, hopefully these will go away, but I suspect the Nvida display driver is the culprit, so it's unlikely.
    • Battery notifications - probably related to the UPS I had plugged in, but unplugging it didn't stop the notifications in WMC; another hoped it fixed in reinstall.
    • Driver support is absolutely terrible, with all the delays I would think hw vendors would have had plenty of time to sort out their drivers.

    The big one is all the stability issues, as much as I like the interface I'm going to give it a week on the new install, if I can't get it stable I'm going back to XP.

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  • Power states in Vista

    I was doing some research into power state in Vista (my Vista MC is going into hibernate mode instead of s3) when I found this post over at TGB.  Some great information on how to see (and change) your PC's behavior.

  • New version of LcdWriter for Vista

    There's a new rev, if you've installed a previous version uninstall it before installing this one.

    I fixed too many bugs to list, the most obvious one was corruption when resuming from standby. 

  • Vista'd

    Finally got around to installing Vista on my main HTPC.  It wasn't as painful as I expected; most of the things that bother me are things that just need time; I have to keep reminding myself that XP today wasn't the XP that shipped.  Overall I wish I'd done it sooner.


    • Drivers aren't fully baked.  To be clear, I'm not blaming MS; the fault clearly lies on each vendor's shoulders.  For example, I have my WMC connected to my 720p TV using a DVI cable, in XP it was easy to go into the display config application and correct for the overscan (creating a 1216x684 output); the Vista drivers have no capability for this (could be missing it, but I doubt it). 
    • Such a pain to get out of WMC.  In 2005, I could exit MCE without the TV being on (Green Button, left, left, OK, OK). 
    • Can't figure out how to autologin, in XP I used the TweakUI powertoy to do this; now I have to type in my password.
    • WMC UI is cluttered/confusing, although this could be me resisting change.
    • No sounds means NO SOUNDS, not no sounds except when Vista wants to play one.


    • Audio configuration is so much easier, and it works/sounds better.  I love the control panel config widget, simple, powerful, and it works.  Now if only I could get WMC/WMP to output WMA Pro.  The audio enhancements were one of the big things I was looking for in Vista, so far it has exceeded my expectations.
    • I love the new photo screen saver; it even plays the videos that my camera takes. 
    • WMC UI is pretty, thumbnails everywhere I love it.
    • Music navigation finally works, not only was MCE's My Music ridiculously slow to load but I could never get the navigation by letters to work properly (typing "l" would bring me to albums that start with "v" 50-60% of the time).  Did I mention the thumbnail album art, and the navigation effect is really nice.


    • Not sure how I feel about the video quality in WMC, this could be video drivers but TV seems a little worse where DVD looked much better.  I also saw some jerkiness in some of the shows I brought over from XP, but it seemed to go away so maybe there was something going on that was causing that.
    • The WMC application seems less stable than MC did in XP, not as bad as pre-rollup 2 2005.  Probably just needs some time to mature.
  • ShowAnalyzer 0.8.10

    I missed this on the 7th, but there's also a new rev of SA

    0.8.10 - 7 Apr 2007
    - Massive improvement to DVRMS audio sync.
    - Fixed two possible crashes when the audio starts well ahead of the video.
    - Made frame rate override (for txt files) more flexible. You can now use whatever frame rate you want.
    - Identified edl files as possible SageTV outputs. Made edl files default to on during new installations. (They just work better in SageTV)
    - Added scene markers to VideoRedo projects. This should make corrections much easier.


  • Comskip 0.79.91

    For all those comskip users, Erik (the author of comskip) let me know that there's a new rev of comskip.  See below for the changes.

    Changes in 0.79.91
    - MAJOR SPEED INCREASE! 20% to 45% faster (depending on your CPU) then
    the previous builds
    Changes in 0.79.90
    - Increased the robustness of the TS detector, required for HDHomerun
    Changes in 0.79.89
    - Change the AR punishment approach for small blocks.
    - Relaxed criteria for aspect ratio detection.



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