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Common Tasks

Version History
  • Fixed indexing issue
  • Added metadata migration
  • Changed usage syntax
  • Added support for custom audio and video decoders, pass guid of decoder including brackets
  • Added mpg support
  • Added Intelligent Connect rendering for non-dvrms formats
  • Removed synchronization block from sample writing method in WMWriterFilter.  Should stop deadlocks from occuring but may lead to A/V synch issues
  • Moved status writing from filter to main function, application is less verbose which should make it faster
  • Changed dummy graph run wait to not care if it failsMade the MS Mpeg Decoder the preferred video decoder
  • Added support for NTSC and PAL dvr-ms files
  • Added option to load MatixMixer filter, useful for doing audio gain

  • Added -pp to control process priority
  • Added -s, runs wmwriter filter in sync write mode, may cause problems only use if A/V is not in sync
  • Added -pm to control processor affinity
  • Added WMA support
  • Changd DVR-MS status to report % instead of write time

  • Added conversion hang detection
  • Added workaround for improperly reported BitmapInfoHeader frame size

  • Changed DVR-MS to report write time instead of %   
  • Added -c, supports DVRMSToolbox commercial xml files for creating output
  • Fixed support for -c option
  • Added -w to set how often status is reported
  •  Removed -c option, couldn't figure out a/v sync issues
  • Added VIDEO_TS conversion
  • Added -t to specify DVD title that will be converted.  Defaults to 1.

  • Altered -t default to find title with the most chapters (assuming it is the main title)
  • Added code to find the error message text
  • Added work around for GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder ({CE1B27BE-851B-45DD-AB26-44389A8F71B4}) and other decoders that do not build rcSource and rcTarget before connecting
  • Added -g, publishes graph to ROT
  • Added DirectSound Audio to all graphs to improve synchronization
  • Added crop support for dvr-ms conversion via the open source crop filter from here (regsvr32 cropfilter.dll included in zip file to use)

  •  Forced crop values to be even #s
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