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Common Tasks


A Profile is an Action or a series of Actions that are performed on a Context in the order the Actions are listed. Contexts simply tell the Action which file or set of files it should perform on. For example, one Context is InputFile, which, obviously, is the file you originally pass to the Profile. An example of an action is ConvertToWMVcreate it, which simpy converts a DVR-MS file to WMV format.

A Profile can contain one or more Actions. For example, a Profile could scan the DVR-MS file for commercials, cut out the commercials, convert the show to a WMV file, and copy it to a PocketPC or Smartphone. Or, a Profile could simply convert the DVR-MS to MPEG-2 format.

You can manually execute a Profile against a single file in one of two ways:

You can also setup Processing Conditions, which execute a Profile against any file in a particular directory that meets those conditions.

There are a number of default Profiles that come with DTb, but you are free (and encouraged) to create a new Profile and customize it to suit your needs.  Note: If you modify a Profile that comes with DTb, you must rename it, or you will lose your changes when you upgrade.

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