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Common Tasks

Processing Conditions

Processing conditions (PC) are meta tag criteria used to select a profile when running the application against a DVR-MS file. It is most useful to think about PC in the same way as a meta data based playlist.

Two PC are supplied in the installation; "Processed Files" and "Every File". PC are matched against the meta tags in a DVR-MS in the order that they appear in the Processing Conditions Editor (PCE). Priorty can be set in the PCE by selecting a PC and selecting "Raise Priority" or "Lower Priority".

The list of files processed by the Process Folder function is also maintained in the PCE. Click "Edit File List" to maintain the list.

Most often it is desirable to handle specific shows (or all shows on a specific channel) differently. In this case, a seperate "Processing Condition" should be created. For example, shows that are recorded on PBS do not have commercials, so I do not want them to be processed.

  • Step by step:
  1. Open the PC Editor (ProcessingConditionEditor.exe)
  2. Click on "New Condition"
  3. Enter a description; "Files recorded on PBS", for eg.
  4. Select a profile to use, in this case select "Do Nothing"
  5. Click "Add" to create a meta tag condition
  6. From the first drop down select "WM/MediaNetworkAffiliation"
  7. Select "Contains" from the second drop down
  8. Enter "PBS" in the text entry field
  9. Click "OK"
  10. Click "Save"
  11. Ensure that the "PBS" PC appears after "Processed Files" and before "Every File" in the priority list, if it does not, adjust it using "Raise Priority" or "Lower Priority"
  12. Click "Save"

This method allows a profile to be assigned to any condition or series of conditions that can be tested against the meta tags contained on the dvr-ms file. 

You can also use the Condition Generator to create PC.

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