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Common Tasks


NOTE: YOU MUST UNINSTALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF DTb BEFORE INSTALLING AN UPDATED VERSION.  If the installation fails with either no error or a cryptic error, please double check you have uninstalled the prior version first.

NOTE: ShowAnalyzer is recognized as the best commercial detection add in around. It's very fast and stable. After installation SA will work for 2 weeks before it expires. After two weeks if you0 do not register SA DTb will use Comskip to analyze the file for commercials.

NOTE: There are currently two versions of DTb.  Make sure you download and install the correct version based on your operating system:

  • Windows Media Center 2005 (1.1.x.x)
  • Windows Vista (1.2.x.x)

Prerequisites for Installing the Windows Media Center 2005 Version Only:

  1. Install .NET Framework 1.1 and 1.1 SP1 (if not already done) 
  2. Install Microsoft Windows MCE 2005 Rollup 2 (if not already done)
Installation instructions for All Versions:
  1. IMPORTANT: You must uninstall any previous versions of DTb first!
  2. Install DVRMSToolbox
    1. Read and accept the EULA
    2. Check "Modify Folder Permissions" if running DTb from a user (an account that is not in the administrators group) account.
    3. ShowAnalyzer, DVRMSFileWatcher, and Commercial Skip Add-in are selected by default.  Leave them checked if you want to install ShowAnalzer, the DVRMSFileWatcher windows service (a windows forms version is also included in the install, the winform version is necessary if the the copy to ppc action is used), or the Commercial Skip Add-In.  Windows XP users (those without MCE) will want to deselect Commerical Skip Add-In.
    4. Check Register Commercial Skip Add-In if you want to register the addin as part of the install routine.  It can be registered or unregistered from the start menu later if you change your mind.
    5. Follow the next 2 screens to select an installation folder and begin the installation.
  3. You will be presented with the DVRMSToolbox settings window:
    1. Select a "Temp Directory"; this should be a dedicated temporary directory for DTb.  DTb will delete the contents of this directory as part of it's cleanup function.  For e.g. "C:\DTbTemp".  A folder chooser dialog will be displayed when double clicking on the field.
    2. Click the "Filewatcher" tab
      1. Change the "Output Directory" to any directory but your recorded tv directory C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents, for eg.  A folder chooser dialog will be displayed when double clicking on the field.
      2. Verify the "Watched Directory" is set to your recorded tv directory, if not, adjust to correct folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Recorded TV, for eg.  A folder chooser dialog will be displayed when double clicking on the field.
      3. Check the "Cleanup Xml" box if you want DTb to remove the xml files generated to track commercial postions when the associated dvr-ms file is deleted.
      4. Click on "Save" at the bottom
  4. If ShowAnalyzer was selected in the install routine; ShowAnalyzer will install, at the end, choose to "Launch ShowAnalyzer Configuration":
    1. Click on Help->Register, enter your name and key obtained from DragonGlobal
    2. Click OK
    3. Select Settings under Global on the left side of the Configure ShowAnalyzer window
    4. Scroll down to GB-PVR or SageTV and expand it if necessary, by clicking on the "+" next to it.
    5. Set the When to create option to Never
    6. Scroll down to Live Detection Delay, set the value to a whole number greater than 5 (the default is -1 and must be changed).  This number is dependant on your hardware, mine is set to 30 just to be safe.
    7. Click on File->Save All to save the settings
    8. Close the Configure ShowAnalyzer window
  5. The DVRMSToolbox installation instance will end and request a restart.  The reboot is only necessary if the Commercial Skip add-in was installed.


If you have chosen to install and register the Commercial Skip Add-in, you can now:  

  • Skip commercials in MCE by using the RIGHT button on your remote.
  • LEFT button returns you to where you started.
  • UP button turns on autoskip.
  • DOWN turns off autoskip.

Note: Only NEW recordings will be marked for skipping. Your old recordings will remain untouched. However since, you are prompted to scan the file if it has not been already.

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