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Common Tasks


I would like to rename all Movies to the format: "Movie - Title (Release Year)".

  1. The first thing I need to do is create the action that will rename a movie:
    1. Tools > Settings
    2. Click New Profile
    3. Give it a Description such as "Rename Movies"
    4. For name use something like "renamemovies"
    5. Click Add
    6. Select Durrant.Plugins.FWThrottle, Click Select, Then OK
    7. Click Add again
    8. Select Durrant.Plugins.AdvancedFileRename, press Select, enter the following info:
      ContextFile: InputFile
      NamePattern: Movie - %Title% (%WM/OriginalReleaseTime%)
      WhenFileExists: AppendGuid

      At this point, if we were to run our action, the file name would change to:
      "Movie - Blade Trinity (2004-01-01T000000.0000000-0800).dvr-ms"
    9. Press OK
    10. Click Add again
    11. Select Durrant.Plugins.RenameFileWithRegex, press Select, enter the following info:
      ContextFile: InputFile
      FindRegex: (\d{2}(\d{2}))-(?=0?(\d+))(\d{2})-(?=0?(\d+))(\d{2})T\d+.\d+-(\d{2})(\d{2})
      ReplaceRegex: $1

      At this point, the file name becomes:
      The file name becomes: "Movie - Blade Trinity (2004).dvr-ms"
    12. Press OK
    13. Add other things to the profile which should happen, such as finding commercials, writing to an XML file, etc.

      This is an important step if you use ComSkip Add-in. I simply copied the default actions that happen in the "FindCommercials" profile. To do that:
      1. Add Durrant.Plugins.FindCommercials (don't change any of the settings)
      2. Then add Durrant.Plugins.DumpCommercialsXml
    14. Press Save to save the profile.
    15. Press Save again in the DVRMSToolboxSettings window.
  2. The next thing you need to do is create a processing condition, so that all movies are automatically renamed:
    1. Tools > Processing Condition Editor
    2. New Condition
    3. For description put something like "Rename Movies"
    4. In the combobox scroll down to the profile you created from step 1 ("Rename Movies" in my example)
    5. Press Add
    6. Choose: WM/Genre Contains Movies
    7. Press OK
      You should see "WM/Genre" Contains "Movies" in the list
    8. Press Save
      You should see the Processing condition you just created as well as "Process Files" and "Every File".
    9. Using Raise Priority and Lower Priority, move the new profile you just created ("Rename Movies") inbetween "Processed Files" and "Every File".
    10. Press Save

Now whenever a new file is created in your watched folder or when you use the Process Directory tab, if a movie is found it will rename the movie, and then run any other actions you added to the profile.

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